11.01.10 In Service

    - A goal or task they want to complete in their lives that is not too personal (or is.)
    - Their technology goal associated with their plan.
    - A goal or task they really want to accomplish as a professional educator.
    - A task that they felt was important in their lives or in education, but one they have successfully completed that they feel good about and that stretched them.

    Reflect on the following using the goal you are considering for this day.

    a. What stood out as new information, strategies or tools from within this content that you could apply to your situation?

    b. What did you NOT like or agree with about this article as it relates to self-regulation of learning?

    c. Are we promoting this cycle in our schools in any way, shape or form?

    d. What specific things do we do in our school and/or classes NOW that might reinforce the self-regulated learning cycle?

    e. What specific things in class do we do in our school and/or classes now that detract from the students being able to realize or adopt elements of the self-regulated learning cycle?

    f. If you were able to control how students AND parents processed this information throughout their educational career or lives, how would you do it?

    g. What would you change NOW in our system, your building, or your classroom as it relates to applying this content with your students?

    h. How would you adjust your current building, PLC, or district plans to incorporate this content to enhance student performance?