8th American history, Week 16, November 26-30, 2018

    8thAmerican History Lesson Plans 2nd Hour Week 15, November 19-23, 2018,

    2nd Hour,

    Monday, November 19, 2018

    Today we will begin Chapter 12 on Andrew Jackson. Students should read before coming to class Ch 12-1 p 395-401 on Jacksonian Democracy. Students will be assigned Ch 12-1 questions on Canvass. They are due by Tuesday.

    See chapter 12 assignment sheet for details.

    Download file "8th A. H. Chapter 12 Assignments.docx"

    Tuesday, November 20, 2018

    Today students will read and discuss Chapter 12-2. Pages 403-407 on the Indian Policies and the Trail of Tears. Students will be assigned Questions 12-2 on Canvass and they will be due on Thursday.

    See chapter 12 assignment sheet for details.

    Thursday, November 22, 2018 Block Day 2nd Hour

    Students should have read Chapter 12-3 Pages 409-412 before coming to class. We will discuss Jackson’s problems with the bank and the Presidency of Martin Van Buren. Students should complete Chapter 12 -3 due on Friday.

    See Chapter 12 assignments below for details.

    Friday, November 23, 2018

    Students should read Chapter 13, pages 418-420 before coming to class. Students must go to Internet sources and read about different aspects of the American Fur trade in the west. Use the ID list below as a guide for things sites at will help. Be sure to see the Sir’s great Power-Point about the fur trade in class as well.

    Suggested movies on the subject:

    “Jeremiah Johnson” starring Robert Redford

    “Mountain Men” starring Charlton Hesston

    “The Man in the Wilderness” starring Richard Harris

    Download file "8th A. H. Chapter 13  Assignments.docx"


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