8th History, Week 3 August 27-31, 2018

    8thAmerican History Lesson Plans 2nd hour August 27-31, 2018

    1st Hour,

    Monday, August 27, 2018

    Students will have the opportunity to finish watching April Morning. Discuss with the class what happened and how close to reality this story retold. Read in class about Lexington and Concord. Pages 172-174. Students now should be able to finish assignment 3and 4. These two assignments will be due on Tuesday.

    See chapter 6 assignment sheet for details.

    Download file "8th A. H. Chapter 6 assignments.docx"

    Tuesday, August 28, 2018

    Assignments 3 and 4 are due at this time.

    Today we will look at Chapter 6-5 about the 1styear of the war, Bunker Hill and George Washington. Assign Chapter 6-5 questions. If time allows continue on with Chapter 6-6 and the Declaration of Independence. We can only begin this important learning activity. We will continue on Wednesday.

    See chapter 6 assignment sheet for details.

    Thursday August 30, 2018 Block Day 2nd Hour

    Chapter 6-5 assignment is due at this time. Continue on into Ch. 6-6 Look at how the Declaration happened. Discuss what is actually in the Declaration. Explore why this document is so important to America and why it remains so to this day. Assign students to complete Ch. 6-6 questions due Friday.

    See chapter 6 assignment sheet for details.

    Friday, August 31, 2018

    Chapter 6-6 questions are due at this time. We have completed Chapter 6 and will move into Chapter 7-1. Students should read pages 194-201. Discuss the early years of the war, the Battle of Trenton and Saratoga especially. Assign Chapter 7-1 questions to be due on Wednesday of next Week. We do not have school Monday or Tuesday.

    See chapter 6 assignment sheet for details.

    Download file "8th A. H. Chapter 6 assignments.docx"


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