What's Happening in Class?

    This will be our last unit for the school year! Study hard!
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    We have started a new unit on water and its unique properties. Please click on the link to the right to be taken to information related specifically to this topic.


    WEDNESDAY - 1/30/13 - Intro to the Periodic Table

    We are starting our unit on the periodic table.

    1. Watch the video called "Meet the Elements" by They Might Be Giants.
    2. Type out the lyrics to the song and then include a list of the compounds that were mentioned in the video (e.g. NaCl).
    3. Answer the following four questions. These answers will count as a 20 point test; each question is worth five points. Do your best! They are intended to help boost your grade after last week's poor test performances by a number of people. What you get wrong will count against you.
    - What is an isotope?
    - How many protons and neutrons does each isotope of carbon-12, carbon-13, and carbon-14 have?
    - What happens if a proton is added to an atom's nucleus?
    - What is released from an atom that is going through radioactive decay?
    "Meet the Elements"
    • Or you can download the file here: Download file "They Might Be Giants_ _Meet the Elements_ (BB Video).mp4"

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    TUESDAY - 11/27/12 - Mitosis Review Games

    MONDAY - 11/26/12 - Cell Mitosis

    Download the PDF for chapter ten here:

    Download file "Chapter 10 Cell Reproduction.pdf"

    Link for the video of a cell going through division (question #5):


    I found a useful YouTube video that goes over the parts of a compound light microscope. This might be useful for you in quizzing yourself to get these parts memorized.

    Download file "Parts of a Compound Light Microscope.mp4"

    Monday - 10/8/12 NOTES OVER THE TIDES

    If you missed class last Friday and need to get the notes from class, please watch this video I made on my iPad. It's not the cleanest thing visually, but it does a pretty good job of getting the point across.

    Thursday - 10/4/12 TIDES

    Today we are starting our unit on the tides. The video from the Bay of Fundy (in Newfoundland, Canada) is a cool way to introduce us to the topic. Beneath this video you will find documents related to the in-class activity we are doing...in case you happen to misplace yours. ;)

    Download file "Bay of Fundy Tides - Halls Harbour Timelapse.mp4"
    Bay of Fundy - Time Lapse

    Download file "Sapelo Island Tides January 2011 Sheet2 copy.pdf"
    Download file "Moon Phases January 2011.pdf"
    Download file "quarter inch graph paper.pdf"

    Wednesday - 10/3/12

    We are getting very close to wrapping up our unit on the relationships between the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Tomorrow and Friday we will be working on a lab activity related to the tides. Next week you and your group will focus on wrapping up your Alien Travel Brochure project and getting it ready to present to our guest judges on Friday, October 12th. Please be prepared to show how hard you have worked!

    Tuesday - 9/25/12

    Hi 8th graders! Please watch this video I made explaining how the worksheet packet should be done, as well as what the plans will be for Wednesday. I expect you all to treat Fergie with all the respect she deserves! See you Thursday!

    Download file "Movie Recording 3.mov"

    Monday - 9/24/12

    We are starting off the week with a discussion of the Moon's phases. I will be posting some notes as we go, but to begin you will find the following video useful (and hopefully entertaining!).

    (Mr. Lee - Phases of the Moon Rap)

    Thursday - 9/20/12

    As we are discussing the causes of Earth's seasons, you will find this following simulation extremely useful.

    Click here: Seasons Simulator

    This is the simulator we are going to use

    Monday - 9/17/12

    I will be absent today during the morning classes, but I am including some helpful videos below that will get you started on your work.


    How to get the Firefox Add-ons that will help you download videos from YouTube if you should ever want to make a movie in iMovie (like for your Alien Travel Brochure project).

    How to get Firefox video download add-ons
    Download file "Screen Recording 9.mov"

    You will need to go to this website to get a patch for the Firefox add-on you just installed. On September 14th YouTube made some kind of change to its site which required Video DownloadHelper to modify its program. So click on this link below:

    Once you have downloaded that add-on fix for Video DownloadHelper you can then watch the following video to see how you go about actually downloading videos from YouTube to use in creating your own movies.

    How to download a video from YouTube
    Download file "Screen Recording 11.mov"

    Friday - 9/14/12

    Wednesday we learned who everyone's teams were and then we went to work answering questions about the Challenge Video on the interactive Google spreadsheet. Once we all learned how the editing worked in the spreadsheet, (and tried not to delete anyone else' information!), there was a lot of good thinking going on! Yesterday we started our project packets on Gravity and Motion using a simulation from PhET (from the University of Colorado). We will be finishing these in class today prior to this afternoon's homecoming parade downtown. Go Vikings!

    If you need the link to this PhET simulation again, you can click here.

    Wednesday - 9/12/12

    We are starting our unit on the Sun-Earth-Moon Relationships. Yesterday we watched the Challenge Video which gave you a task to complete by the end of this unit. I am including the video here so you can be sure you are tackling everything you need to in your Alien Travel Brochure.

    Friday - 9/7/12

    Your task on Monday will be to create a poster highlighting the differences between descriptive and experimental research. Your assignment due Monday is to have the content of your poster ready to go. To help you in this I am attaching a PDF file of Chapter 1 from your textbook. Until the LCU is able to approve the required plug-in for your laptops to be able to view the online version of the textbooks, this approach will have to suffice.

    Chapter 1 (focus on Section 2 for your assignment

    Download file "Ch 1 8th grade.pdf"

    Thursday - 8/30/12

    We are working to create a comparison chart between the 'official' Scientific Method (like what you typically read in your science textbooks) and the way science really works! Below you will find the two approaches to understanding how "science happens." Make comparisons between the two.


    Download file "scientificmethod1.png"


    Download file "complex_flow_poster.pdf"

    Wednesday - 8/29/12 - I am extremely proud of all the effort you put into your cubes! Good work! Today we spent the first portion of class discussing my expectations for your written work. Specifically, I would like you to keep in mind the Six Traits of Writing:

    1. Ideas (content)
    2. Organization (clear beginning, middle and end)
    3. Voice (use 3rd person he/she/it/they; science writing = technical writing)
    4. Word Choice (use science vocabulary)
    5. Sentence Fluency (a smooth flow to the writing)
    6. Conventions (grammar, spelling, punctuation)
    We then discussed how science works in university science departments. There is a strong sense of community amongst colleagues. Time is set aside on a regular basis to discuss research that is happening in the lab. Today we modeled one of these types of meetings by having each cube group stand up and discuss their cube in front of the class.

    Here is a running list of the homework you need to do for science if you miss class:

    If you have missed school sometime between the first day of school - Wednesday, August 29th:

    • You need to check out a textbook from me at this point. The online textbook isn't working. The LCU people are working to correct this.
    • Read Chapter 1 Section 1 (page 6) through page 11.
    • Answer Self Check questions 1 and 2 (page 11)
    • On page 9 do the Mini-Lab, "Inferring from Pictures." Answer questions 1 and 2 from the Procedure section and questions 1 and 2 from the Analysis section.