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    *Remember: You can correct anything in my class for a better score! You will have two weeks from the due date to make corrections!

    Weekly Agenda:

    Language Arts Reading
    Monday, May 13 DOL
    Story Works page 10
    *Word Parts Final May 20
    Tuesday, May 14 DOL
    HW: WS pg 28-29
    Story Works page 4
    Text Evidence
    *Word Parts Final May 20
    Wednesday, May 15 DOL
    Adjectives Collage
    Story Works page 4
    Text Evidence
    HW: Quiz
    *Word Parts Final May 20
    Thursday, May 16 DOL
    Story Works
    *Word Parts Final May 20
    May 17
    Letter to incoming 5th graders
    Word Parts Review
    *Word Parts Final May 20

    *All the games and links that were previously posted here can now be found at the "Activity Links" page under "What's Hot."

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