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About Me

Get to Know Mrs. Denk Hello. My name is Laurie Denk. I have been an educator for thirty-three years. I am certified in language arts (5-12), and ...

Mrs. Denk's Homework Spot

Mrs. Denk's Homework Spot Welcome. I hope that you find this site helpful to you. Please feel free to stop by anytime. I like for you to kno...

Independent Study - Apple Certification Program

Return to main page: Mrs. Denk's Homework Spot Link to Apple Certification GSX Training (Remember you must be logged into GSX befor...

Apple Certification - February 6-13

Return to Main: Independent Study - Apple Certification Program There will be a progress check next week.

KU School of Engineering and Perceptive Software


Apple Certification - January 23-27


Apple Certification - January 2-6

Return to Apple Certification Page: Independent Study - Apple Certification Program January 2-6 (Apple Certification) ...

Contact Me

If you need to contact me concerning curriculum or your student's performance, please feel free to email me at You may also ca...