May 14-18

    Housing & Design Career & Life Planning Meal Planning Food Science Fashion Merchandising
    Monday REad pp. 438-41 tog. Assign Eras--read & take notes on assigned eras Discuss Credit Homework Video: Charge It: Credit Card Secrets Define words Work on Dairy Menu Planner Begin Hello Jello Lab Safety Read pp. 281-283 Compl. Keeping Food Safe to Eat Intro Color Wheel/Schemes Read pp. 179-182 Compl. Using Color for Effect
    Tuesday Share notes on furniture styles Compl. Furniture I.D. if time Discuss Credit Words, accounts & Credit History Compl. Hand-outs 5, 7 & 8 Work on Dairy Menu Planner Video: Food Safety Read pp. 281-85 Compl. Q's 9-13 Begin Lab 17-2 Grade Using Color for Effect Intro Flattering YOur Personal Coloring
    Wednesday No Class Compl. Web Quest comparing 3 credit cards List info and select best card & why No Class Lab 17-2 & report No Class
    Thursday Field Trip: Kathy Shogren's house No class Milk Lab Final Review Sewing Lab--evaluate
    Find best colors--with drapes
    Friday Discuss Furniture I.D. Look at furniture in Final Project--define era Bingo Review for Final Grade Milk St. Guide Share other information Final Review Elements of Design ppt. Read pp. 212 220 Discuss Final


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