May 7-11

    Housing & Design Career and Life Planning Meal Planning Food Science Fashion Merchandising
    Monday No School No School No School No School No School
    Tuesday Final Project Presentation--Sr. Celebration Checkbook Skills Test Read pp. 14-16 Compl. Money Man. Principles & Credit, How Handle it Senior Day--make dessert/drink Read p. 250 Compl.Chpt. 15 Nut. & You
    Chpt. 15 Test--Open Book
    Fabric Coloring & Printing Powerpt. --take notes Compl. Fabric Finishes
    Wednesday No Class Make Personal Budget
    Grade &;discuss Money Man. Princ. Scam You Tube
    No Class Read pp. 275-81 Compl. Q's 1-4 & assigned intoxicant or infectant No Class
    Thursday Video: Eye For Design Compl. Rhythm & Continuity or Customizing Color No Class Video: Make Mine Milk Explain Dairy Menu Items Grade Q's & share info Sewing Lab
    Friday No School--May Day No School--May Day No School--May Day No School--May Day No School--May Day


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