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Jan. 21

Brownback Defends Education Funding

Duane Goossen: The FY!% Budget Is Not Fixed Yet

Large Budget Shortfalls Await Solution

State Representative, Don Hineman provides an excellent summary of our current financial situation and an overview of possible solutions; suggested and yet-to-be considered. CLICK HERE

Judges Rule School Finance Inadequate

A three-judge panel ruled Tuesday that Kansas public school funding is not adequate, in an opinion that faults the Legislature for linking funding to local sources.

...... the Shawnee County District Court stood by its 2013 ruling that school funding is unconstitutionally low..... FULL STORY

Legislators Briefed on Worsening Budget Problems

It's actually $648.3 million - Not $480 million revenue shortfall in the coming year...

Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

The Kansas Budget - Duane Goossen: www.kansasbudget.com

October 17

Kansas has fifth deepest cut in nation in school spending since before Great Recession

- Kansas is ranked No. 5 but not in a good way.

Kansas has the fifth largest percentage cut in public school funding in the nation based on a comparison of spending before the Great Recession and now, according to a report released Thursday by the Center on Budget Policy and Priorities.

The research organization’s findings echo concerns raised by the Kansas Association of School Boards and other school advocates on education funding in Kansas and will likely add fuel to the political debate over Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts, which have significantly reduced the flow of revenue to the state budget — 50 percent of which funds public schools.

“If we are falling behind other states in school funding, we must be deeply concerned about falling behind in preparing students for success in postsecondary education and the workforce,” said KASB associate executive director for advocacy Mark Tallman.

Tallman also noted, “This week, KASB released a new report showing that states spending more on K-12 education have higher academic results.”

The CBPP’s national report said the lack of funding will hurt the economy and student achievement “at a time when producing workers with high-level technical and analytical skills is increasingly important to the country’s prosperity.”

Budget experts say Brownback’s tax policies will lead to dramatic revenue shortfalls as early as next year. Brownback, a Republican, has said the tax changes would create jobs and stimulate the economy, but present economic indicators aren’t showing this has happened. Brownback’s Democratic opponent, Paul Davis, has said already-approved future tax cuts should be frozen and school funding restored to pre-recession levels.

According to the CBPP, adjusted for inflation, Kansas is spending 14.6 percent less per student now than before the recession. Kansas is tied with Wisconsin for the fifth deepest cut in the nation.

KASB has done an in-depth analysis of school funding. KASB research shows total school district funding per pupil declined 8.5 percent between 2009 and 2013, and current operating funds were reduced more than 11 percent per pupil over the same period.

“The report confirms regular school operating budgets are falling behind inflation,” said Tallman. “It is important to understand why the numbers in this report may differ from other state and national statistics on education funding. KPERS retirement contributions and state aid for bond and interest and capital outlay do not appear to be included in the CBPP definition of per pupil state funding. These programs have increased substantially in Kansas, while funding for general operating budgets has not.”

The national study done by the CBPP found that at least 30 states are providing less funding per student for the current school year than they did before the recession hit.

Oklahoma had the largest cut at 23.6 percent, followed by Alabama, 17.8 percent; Arizona, 17.5 percent; and Idaho, 16.2 percent.

In other words, 44 states have done more than Kansas to add funding to public schools since the recession.

Missouri registered a 3.6 percent increase in per pupil spending, while Nebraska had a 1 percent increase, and Colorado, a 0.2 percent decrease.

The largest increase was 31.6 percent in North Dakota, which avoided the recession because of an oil boom there.

The Washington, D.C.-based CBPP also criticized the Brownback tax changes in an earlier report. The center describes itself as a policy organization that works on federal and state fiscal policies and programs that affect low- and moderate-income families. It is sometimes described as left-leaning.

Inflation and School Funding: Why Do Districts Need More Money?

In an blog post from August, I presented information from the Governor’s Budget Divisions and State Department of Education indicating that while K-12 education funding has increased since Governor Brownback took office and is higher than the pre-recession year of 2009, when adjusted for inflation funding has been flat for the past four years and educational operating budgets, which exclude pensions contributions, capital cost, debt service and food service programs, have been declining since 2009.

This has prompted several questions. Why use 2009 as a base year? How has school funding compared to inflation over a longer term? If school funding over the long-term has increased more than inflation, why do so many school leaders believe funding is inadequate?

First, I used 2009 as the base year because that was the earliest year referenced in new documents from the Kansas Division of the Budget.

Second, choosing a different year will give a different result. Another analysis using the same methodology used in my blog indicates that school funding has increased at least $339 million MORE than inflation since 2005, using my definition of educational program budgets.

A $339 million increase on a $3.3 billion base is about 10 percent. Spread over 10 years, that is an average of about one percent per year more than inflation. In fact, I have found that annual per pupil district operating budgets (general funding, special education state aid, local option budgets and federal aid, but eluding KPERS pensions, building, equipment, debt service and other local revenues) have averaged about one percent more than inflation all the way back to 1990.

The key word, however, is averaged. I suspect that most families who experienced a jump in income between 2005 and 2009 but took a pay cut for several years during the recession and haven’t had a pay increase that exceeded inflation in three or four years would not feel like they were getting ahead, especially if they have more family members to care for. This is exactly the situation of Kansas school districts.

School funding did increase significantly between 2005 and 2009. Remember, 2005 was the one point in the history of the state when the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that school funding was too low to provide constitutionally suitable education. If 2009 funding was unusually high, 2005 funding was constitutionally too low. But school operating budgets were cut in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and have been essentially flat every year since. (I also note in the blog that other parts of school districts budgets, i.e. retirement contributions, building and equipment costs and food service, have gone up in recent years, which contributes significantly to total funding increases.)

Why do school leaders believe more money is needed, if over a ten-year period school funding is still ahead of inflation? To answer that question, we need to consider changes in educational costs.

First, by far the largest part of school operating expenditures is salaries and benefits, which tend to increase faster than inflation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private sector annual compensation has increased on average about 0.25 percent more than the consumer price index annual for the past 10 years. Districts have to increase salaries more than inflation simply to remain competitive with private sector employers.

Second, districts are educating more students. The number of full-time equivalent students increased from 441,868 to 460,848 since 2005, or 0.43 percent per year on average. Adding 0.25 percent for salaries and 0.43 percent for enrollment growth leaves just about one-third of one percent budget growth annually for “improvements” in operating education programs.

Third, “inflation” implies the change in the cost of getting the same product. For example, how does the cost today compare to cost ten years ago for the same gallon of gas or a loaf of bread? But Kansans are getting a better “product” from their public schools. Key educational indicators have increased at a rate equal to or higher than the 0.3 percent average funding growth left after subtracting inflation, net salary increases and enrollment growth.

The percent of students scoring at basic for Grades 4 and 8 reading and math on National Assessment of Educational Progress increased from 76.0 to 79.4 between 2003 and 2013 - an average of 0.34 percent per year.

The percent of students scoring at proficient on the National Assessment of Educational Progress increased from 35.8 to 40.4 - 0.46 percent per year.

Percent of students tested by ACT meeting all four college-ready benchmarks (English, Math, Reading and Science) increased from 26% to 31% between 2006 and 2014: - an average of 0.6% per year.

The percent of students graduating “on time” from high school increased from 76.9 to 85.0 between 2003 and 2012 - an average increase of 0.9 percent per year.

On each of these indicators, the average annual growth improvement in student performance - though less than one percent per year - was equal to or greater than the average increase in educational program funding after adjusting for inflation, comparable private sector salary growth, and student enrollment growth. Remember, most of the funding increase occurred when this year’s high school seniors were in elementary schools. Yet it is often argued that Kansas educational performance has not increased fast enough to meet student needs or justify additional funding.

Not only have the outcomes changed, the students that are striving to achieve these outcomes have changed even more dramatically. For example, the percentage of school-aged children living below the poverty line increased from 12.7 percent in 2007 to 17.2 percent in 2013. The number of Hispanic student increased from 12.0 percent in 2007 to 17.8 percent in 2013. In both cases, this was a 50 percent increase in the number of students.

The percentage of students requiring English Language Learner programs increased even more, almost doubling from 5.5 percent in 2005 to 10.0 percent in 2013; and the percent of students on free or reduced meals increased from 38.5 percent in 2005 to 49.6 percent in 2013. Numerous state and national studies have found these students have more difficulties meeting academic standards for success.

Why do Kansas schools need more money if funding has exceeded inflation? Because employment costs, total enrollment and special needs students and student achievement goals are all increasing more than inflation.

Facts about Kansas school funding: up, down or flat?


There is still a question about the cost of Vision_Tek..... Is this a program that should be cut?

Closing Vision_Tek will not save the district any money. The USD #400 Board of Education is working to examine all aspects of the budget and reviewing all programs and services offered for our students. “We are spending a great deal of time determining how we are going to balance the 2014-15 budget.”

As the Board works to set priorities for the next school year, one area that will not be cut is Vision_Tek. The building has proven to be a major benefit to the district, not only by serving students and the community, but it also produces considerable revenue for Smoky Valley.

The district does not require that programs such as Industrial Arts, Family and Consumer Science or Music produce revenue enough to sustain their programs. These programs are put in place because they are good for our children. Vision_Tek is also producing amazing results for a large number of SV students in the area of technology. But unlike any of the other district services, it does produce enough revenue to benefit the district and keep the building operating without financially taxing the budget.

Revenue Generating:

  • The Virtual Charter School is also located in Vision_Tek. The district’s charter school has always produced enough revenue from its enrollment to pay all expenses. All charter monies must be spent in the charter school. The additional revenue from the charter school provides for staff, utility expenses and shared equipment for Vision_Tek. This year the state funding for SVVCS will generate $340,431 based on an FTE of 83.2.

  • Vision_Tek serves 75-80 students. Most students generate Career and Technical Education (CTE) dollars because the course meets the state approved guidelines. The district will receive from $17,644 in CTE funding.

  • Memberships and evening class offerings have produced over $3,300 last year. We anticipate continued community involvement in our services.

  • Vision_Tek has been named an Apple Authorized Service Provider. This means that our current Apple Certified Service Technicians will be reimbursed at a much higher rate from Apple for each warranted repair on our own machines, as well as public machines. In order to maintain this status, we must have a storefront downtown. We currently provide for hundreds of repairs each year. This easily translates into $25,000-30,000 additional dollars annually. The actual cost savings to the district is even higher in this area because of our Apple status. We receive equipment purchase credits (rather than a direct check) on every warranted repair, saving us several thousand additional dollars annually.

Unfortunately many of our programs will be threatened with cuts and reductions because of the State’s economic situation. Cutting the Vision_Tek program will not save the district money. The losers would be the students, the community and the district budget. Closing the facility would force us to cut something else in order to make up for the lost revenue that the center generates.

How will the New State Budget Affect Smoky Valley?

The graph below may be a bit difficult to view, so I'll break it down for you in smaller chunks below. Our hopes of receiving additional dollars for the classroom will not come to pass. Smoky Valley is one of just a handful of districts to actually lose spending power for the 2014-15 school year. Most districts gain very little with the new budget, but it does seem to comply with the law.

Keep in mind: These numbers are all based upon NO change in the district enrollment.
Column 1 is the NEW money we will receive because of the $14 increase to the base.

Column 2 and 3 are the dollars the State will take away from the districts because of a reduction in at-risk and non-proficient weightings. Why are they reducing these numbers? Some legislators believe they were paying districts too much money to assist at-risk students, and the formula needed to be corrected. Every district in the state lost money in these areas; some more than others. Column 4 shows is the result of our new money ($20,082) minus Column 3 and 4. The net gain so far is $7,324.

Column 5 and 6 are the new dollars that the state will contribute toward the LOB (column 5) and the Capital Outlay (column 6) Funds.

First, let's take a look at column 5. Yes these are new dollars, but the lid on the LOB is still 31% (of the general fund) in our district. That means that we will NOT have additional dollars to spend - it only means that the State's share of the money is larger (more equalized). So the local share will be reduced. If the LOB remains at 31%, and enrollment does not drop (in order to keep the general fund at the same level), we still have the same total dollars of spending power.

Taking a look at the Capital Outlay (column 6), we see that the state will provide $48,346. Several years ago the state stopped equalizing the Capital Outlay fund at all. This new money is the state's share of the amount we levy from our local taxpayers. If the mill levy does not change, we have the same situation at the LOB; no additional spending power - the local share is reduced. The difference with Capital Outlay is that we CAN raise the mill levy to increase dollars to that fund. Remember that Capital funds are limited to what you can spend the money on.

Column 7 is the total of columns 4, 5 and 6.

Column 8 is a new change imposed by the state. They will no longer allow districts with virtual schools to count their virtual students on their LOB weightings. The feeling is that less dollars are needed to educate virtual students. This number is based on the number of students we have in 2013-14.

Column 9 is the maximum additional LOB state aid is we used full authority at $4,490 rather than $4,433.

Column 10 is the estimated property tax reduction.

Legislative leaders point fingers in wake of court decision

Legislative leaders pointed fingers in the wake of Friday's Kansas Supreme Courtdecision on school finance, with each blaming the other party for the litigation.

Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans offered few plans for complying with the court's order and articulated vastly different interpretations of how compliance might look.

House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, blamed his presumptive opponent in the November election, Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, for the court's finding that state funding for K-12 was unconstitutionally unequal.

Brownback, while acknowledging the inequalities, pinned the blame on his Democratic predecessor, Mark Parkinson.

"We have this equity problem created by a prior administration," Brownback said. "But we will work to address that, and we will work to fix it."

The parameters of that legislative fix were hazy, at best, Friday.

Democratic leaders interpreted the court's decision as a call to immediately fund two equalization pots: one for capital outlay and another for local property taxes.

They viewed that appropriation, estimated at $129 million under current law, as something of a down payment on further school funding increases likely to be ordered when a lower court addresses the "adequacy" question that the Supreme Court remanded back to it.

But Brownback was flanked by Republican House and Senate leaders and Republican Attorney General Derek Schmidt, who described the decision as a sea change that wipes out all prior school finance precedent because it focused on student outcomes rather than mandating a firm dollar amount to be appropriated.

Even on the equalization piece, Republican leaders said the high court left the door open for legislators to provide equity in other ways that could cost less than funding the current formula, or cost nothing at all.

"We're still analyzing the actual language in this case as to what 'equitable' means," said Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, adding that attorneys will be looking at the decision throughout the weekend. "There will be a lot of different ways to solve it. Different weightings that can be moved around, we can put new money in the formula — I'm sure we will — but we have a lot of options on the table the way this decision came down."

House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, also said it was time to evaluate options.

"We now know what the decision is," Merrick said. "We know what the parameters are. Now we can start working on solutions and everything's wide open."

Brownback said the Legislature's options don't include revising the income tax cuts passed the last two sessions.

"We need this tax structure so we can grow," Brownback said.

Davis said the state's school funding woes could have been solved if not for the "reckless tax plan," but he stopped short Friday of saying the cuts should be repealed.

Davis said he and Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, offered a plan to increase school funding at the beginning of the 2012 session, before the tax cuts.

"Gov. Brownback rejected it," Davis said. "There is a stark difference between the governor and I. I have consistently supported investing in our schools and provided a real solution to do just that."

The plan Hensley and Davis unveiled at Loman Hill Elementary School in 2012 would have cut into state reserves to incrementally increase base state aid per pupil to a rate mandated by the Kansas Supreme Court in an earlier school finance decision.

It also would have provided modest property tax relief.

Brownback and the Legislature's Republican leaders ignored it in favor of much larger income tax cuts.

When asked Friday if those cuts will need to be repealed, Davis said "there are going to be plans offered," but declined to give specifics.

When asked about previous Democratic governors’ failure to meet the court-mandated, per-pupil spending, Davis said there was a plan in place but the Great Recession scuttled it.

Hensley said "the Legislature is going to have to come to grips at some point with what the ramifications were of those tax cuts," but the full reckoning is likely to be delayed.

Hensley said the Supreme Court's decision to send the question of adequate base state aid per pupil back to the lower court to apply a different standard will likely lead to another appeal by the state after the court applies that standard.

He said the court's finding that the state hasn’t met its constitutional duty to provide equity among wealthy and less wealthy districts — and it must do so by July 1 — should provide clarity to what has been a thorny debate.

"Those are some of the most difficult issues for the Legislature to reach some compromise and consensus on," Hensley said. "They historically have been. I hope that we can resolve these inequities in order to help poorer school districts in Kansas."

Hensley, who teaches in Topeka Unified School District 501, said that district would be among those that benefit, along with such districts as Wichita, Emporia and Garden City.

Hensley said the state would be able to cover the $129 million this year with its ending balances if the Legislature signs off.

Davis said he "sincerely hopes" there will be enough Republican votes to pay the equalization before the July 1 deadline.

"I think the people of Kansas want the Legislature to stop playing games with this, they want the governor to stop making excuses, and they want to fund our schools," Davis said.

House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey, R-Louisburg, said there is broad agreement within his party and throughout the state with the philosophy of educational equality. The challenge, he said, is achieving it.

"That's our job," Vickrey said. "We will be working on how to get there."

Feb 21

Looking at Kansas school funding in terms of seven “building blocks.”

First, the state provides a “base” or foundation for general operating costs, using a base budget per pupil amount multiplied by weighted enrollment, and funded by a uniform statewide 20 mill property level and state aid.

Second, the state adds funding for a portion of special education costs.

Third, local school districts are allowed to enhance their operating budgets with a local option budget (LOB), financed mostly by local property taxes. However, LOB state aid is provided to over 80 percent of districts to help “equalize” property taxes.

Fourth, school districts receive federal funds for special education and other programs, and for school meals for low income students.

Fifth, the state provides aid to help make bond and interest payments for school construction projects in many districts. This aid has the same purpose as LOB state aid: to somewhat “equalize” the tax burden of constructing school buildings.

Sixth, the state pays the “employer’s contribution” toward the retirement benefits of school employees in the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System.

Finally, districts may raise local revenues for building and construction costs; and charge fees for meals, textbooks, activities and other local purposes allowed by state law . The total of these seven areas equals total school district expenditures.

Feb. 16
A couple of our Board Members have been asked, "Why is it just USD #400 that needs to make budget cuts?"

First of all, we addressed our cuts early, before most of the districts in the state. We are certainly going to be hearing from many more school districts in the next month or two. With a quick search, one of our Board Members found this:

-Waverly/Lebo. District half our size $200,000 in cuts FY15

-Andover reports $4.5 mill in the last five years.

-Hillsboro planning to cut $300,000 FY15 and $350,000 FY 16

-Lawrence cutting $5 million FY15

-Leavenworth has just announced a need to cut $1.1 million,.. considering closing a school there.

-Sabetha $1.2 million. Very comparable in size to Smoky Valley. Facilities studies underway to see which school(s) to close.

-Louisburg is looking at at least $500-600k.

- Seneca: closing a building

- Waconda: Possible building closure, or major cuts: still no decision.

-We all know about Haven closing Mt Hope recently which was very similar to our situation.

All-Day kindergarten debate begins
A special House committee held its first meeting on the Governor’s proposal to phase-in funding for all-day kindergarten programs Thursday, but later that day the House Education Budget Committee voted to remove funding proposed by the Governor.

The House committee heard the Governor’s budget director, Jon Hummell, present the Governor’s vision for making sure full-day kindergarten is available for all families who want it, and defend the cost, which would increase by about $16 million per year for five years until fully funded at over $80 million. Several committee members were skeptical the cost estimates included all possible growth in funding or expenditures. Commissioner of Education Diane DeBacker presented research showing somewhat mixed findings on the long-term impact of the program in other states, but said Kansas research has shown a positive effect on achievement, especially for lower income students. Additional committee meetings, including public hearings, are expected next week.

The only bill introduced so far is in the Senate, SB 341. The House Education Budget Committee voted Thursday to remove the $16.3 million for the first year from the Governor’s budget. That move is somewhat procedural because budget committees usually remove funding for programs that require separate legislation until later in the process. However, many House members are skeptical of the program.

KASB strongly supports the Governor’s all-day kindergarten proposal, which is based on a request from the Kansas State Board of Education.

Budget Communication and up-to-date Board Considerations

Watch this page for the most recent district talk about the budget challenges we are currently facing in USD #400.

The Quarter Million Dollar Classroom 2014

video (6:59 min)

The people of Kansas provided over $12,500 per K-12 student, or about $250,000 for a classroom of 20. What is that money being spent on? What are Kansan's receiving for that investment?


February 10, 2014 - 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Called to Order

1. Approval of Special Board Meeting Agenda

2. Approval to Pay Monthly Bills

Public Hearing

3. Proposal to Close Marquette Elementary School

4. Patron Testimony


5. Consider Adoption of Resolution to Close a Building


Jan. 26

Defiance of Kansas GOP over Schools turns Heads

TOPEKA (AP) — The bitter legal battle in Kansas over education spending is garnering national attention, thanks to the defiant tone struck by conservative Republican leaders as they wait for a state Supreme Court ruling on whether public schools are entitled to additional tax dollars.

Top Republicans in the GOP-dominated Legislature contend the Supreme Court doesn't have the authority under the state constitution to tell lawmakers how much to spend on schools.

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is with them, pointedly calling out the Supreme Court in his State of the State speech last week with five of the seven justices present.

With their public statements, Brownback and GOP legislative leaders suggest they're prepared to ignore a Supreme Court decision that mandates a massive increase in spending, as a lower court did last year.

GOP conservatives were similarly defiant in the last round of school funding litigation, but they now have enough political clout to block compliance, and some have suggested going further, taking steps to rein in the courts.

The tone worries educators, teachers and some parents. It's one thing for governors and legislators who aspire to slash taxes and shrink government to criticize or delay a court ruling but another for them to refuse to comply altogether or to attempt to reduce the courts' power. "That kind of thing could snowball around the country," said David Sciarra, executive director of the Newark, N.J.-based Education Law Center, which filed a brief in the Kansas case. "People are really watching Kansas to see how the governor and Legislature respond."

Parents of more than 30 students and the Hutchinson, Wichita, Dodge City and Kansas City school districts sued the state in 2010, arguing that it was not living up to its obligations under the state constitution.

In the last round of litigation, ending in 2006, the Supreme Court declared that the constitution's mandate for lawmakers to "make suitable provision" for financing the state's "educational interests" means they must spend enough money to give every child a suitable education.

A three-judge panel in Shawnee County last year ordered the state to boost annual spending on schools by $440 million. If the Supreme Court takes a similar tact, Brownback's signature fiscal and economic-stimulus policy — income tax cuts worth $3.9 billion over the next five years — is threatened.

That is, if Brownback and lawmakers attempt to comply. Brownback signaled the opposite in his State of the State address last week, declaring that the state constitution gives only the Legislature the power to set school funding.

"Too many decisions are made by unaccountable, opaque institutions," the governor declared. Lawmakers stood and applauded, with a few cheering, as the Supreme Court justices sat in silence.

Before lawmakers opened their annual session last week, Senate President Susan Wagle, a Wichita Republican, noted that five of the seven Supreme Court justices were appointed by Democratic governors and called the court "very invasive."

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Jeff King, an Independence Republican, said the "heart of the litigation" is whether elected officials or the court control budget and tax decisions.

And House Speaker Ray Merrick, a Stilwell Republican, said in an email statement Friday, "Directing taxpayer dollars to the various funding obligations of the state is strictly the job of the legislative branch."

But attorneys who file funding lawsuits and experts who track them contend education is different because each state's constitution contains a provision requiring it to provide adequate public schools.

Sciarra said past Kansas court decisions pushed the state to a "modern" finance system, in which funding decisions are based on the actual costs of providing an education, not political considerations.

Michael Rebell, a Columbia University professor who led a nonprofit group that sued New York over education funding, said Kansas already is known for its "dramatic showdown" in its last round of litigation.

In 2005, the Supreme Court ordered additional spending, based on a legislatively commissioned cost study, and conservative Republican legislators resisted. In 2005 and 2006, a coalition of Democrats and GOP moderates controlled education funding issues in the Legislature, and Democrat Kathleen Sebelius was governor. Rebell said the "defiant talk" now in Kansas is stronger than elsewhere — and a refusal to comply with a court order on education funding is rare.

"It obviously would strengthen the hand of governors and legislators who are not eager to comply with court orders," Rebell said. "That will create a buzz."

Educators find the prospect disconcerting. "We cannot honestly sit down with a 6-year-old and tell them, 'There's been a budget cut and I don't have time to help you,"' said Leigh Ann Rogers, a first-grade teacher at Forest View Elementary School in Olathe and the mother of a high school freshman and graduate. "It's the years of cutting and squeezing and getting every drop out of the turnip. People are getting weary."

But the prospect is serious enough that it's already been discussed by attorneys for the parents and districts suing the state, said John Robb, one of them. "We're in new territory here," Robb said. "We've seen talk — lots of talk — but we've actually not seen it in action."

January 18
Governor's Budget Proposal

The recommendations set forth by the Governor for FY'15 are embarrassing. He does plan to implement a 5-year plan to pay for the other half of all-day kindergarten. I will commend him for that. But the base increase recommended for our students is $14. That is very sad.

INTERESTING: I stumbled across some of my old documents this morning. The Governor's School Finance Reform Plan from 2 years ago. The first bullet on his plan states, "School districts will receive $4,492 for each regularly enrolled student (Kindergarten at 1.0 and virtual students at .75)."

Where's the money for our kids?

January 14

The USD #400 Board of Education regular monthly meeting was held in the SVMS/SVHS auditorium on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Continued discussion of the 2014-15 district budget was once again the major topic of the agenda. Nearly $400,000 must be cut from an already tight budget.

After several years of making cuts and eliminating programs, class sections and building budgets, it becomes obvious that we can’t just trim budget lines to come up with that amount of money. The major cuts must come from our largest budgeted items, which are personnel and programs. Employees will be affected.

After several meetings of budget discussions, the USD #400 Board of Education is forced to seriously consider the closing of the Marquette Elementary School in an effort to sustain operations and maintain three class sections at every elementary grade level. An official notice will be posted to inform the public that a formal hearing is scheduled in the SVMS/SVHS auditorium for February 10 at 7:00 p.m. to make the final decision on the future of MES.

January 10
January 13, 2014 - Regular Monthly Board Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
The regular monthly board meeting will be held in the MS/HS auditorium.

Meeting Called to Order - Roll Call

1. Approval of Regular Agenda

2. Approval of Consent Agenda

3. Patron Concerns

Building/Committee Reports

There will be no committee reports this evening.


4. Budget Discussion for FY’15

5. Upcoming Board Meeting Dates

Administrative Reports/Discussion

6. Principal Reports

Executive Session

7. Executive Session

Other Business

8. Additional Items



January 8
January 13, 2014 - Regular Monthly Board Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
The regular monthly board meeting will be held in the MS/HS auditorium.
Makes me sick that Kansas Schools are so underfunded that we have to continuously go to court. The courts continue to rule in favor of the kids. But the Gov. and the Legislators defy the courts and force districts to cut programs, resources and staff year after year. I think I'll invite Brownback to the auditorium so he can see what's happening in the trenches of his state.

Kansas Makes the NY Times once again - not good!

December 30

Proposed budget for FY 2015 presents both short- and long-term challenges

By Duane Goossen, Director of the Kansas Division of the Budget.

TOPEKA — Kansas lawmakers will face difficult budget decisions when they return to the Statehouse for the 2014 legislative session. The Kansas Health Institute has produced an issue brief that details this situation and projects the combined impact on revenue that the 2012 and 2013 tax bills will have over the next few years.

A preliminary budget has already been approved for fiscal year (FY) 2015, which runs from July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015. However, policymakers will need to consider extensive revisions in order to balance expenditures with projected revenue and leave a 7.5 percent ending balance, as required by Kansas law.

A change in Kansas tax laws in 2012 and 2013 caused projected collections to be significantly lower in FY 2014 and beyond. This has created a budget shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. Last session, legislators modified some of the tax cuts and tried to reduce spending in order to close the gap. However, even with those changes, approved spending exceeds revenue.

Projections show that the gap between expenditures and receipts will widen over the next several years, unless difficult decisions are made to bring them into closer balance.

To further complicate matters, there is pressure to increase spending. For example, a lawsuit before the Kansas Supreme Court could produce a ruling that requires the state to increase school funding levels. Medicaid spending and contributions to the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) are also likely to increase yearly. And there have been specific requests to increase funding for corrections, higher education, the judicial branch, state employee salaries, and other state services.

“Kansas lawmakers face difficult choices concerning the budget in the upcoming legislative session,” said Duane Goossen, KHI vice president for fiscal and health policy and a former state budget director. “Their decisions will provide a visible reflection of their policy priorities as we head into an election year.”

December 29
The Gov. has promised funding for all-day kindergarten. Won't that help our district budget next year?

As I stated in my comments a couple of weeks ago, I'm concerned about losing the money somewhere else in the state funding formula in order to fund kindergarten. There is serious discussion about attacking at-risk programs because some legislators felt they were over-funded last year, and there is no plan as to where the Gov. will find the extra 80 million to fund the program.

A loss in At-Risk and a gain in kindergarten funding would not be a "wash" for our district. USD #400 is among many districts that charge parents for the all-day program because of budget restraints. We promised our patrons that if the program was ever funded, we would pass that savings along to them, and relieve parents of the kindergarten fee. So in essence, the district could lose additional dollars. We do hope that it gets funded, but not at the expense of any of our other programs.

December 20
Won't the Schools get money if we win the State lawsuit over education funding?
Even if the schools win the lawsuit, we cannot count on receiving additional revenue from the state, at least not anytime soon. There is no money.
-New York Times- The potential deadlock over education funding comes as Gov. Sam Brownback, a conservative Republican, and his legislative allies have enacted deep tax cuts. Moderate Republicans and Democrats have said that it was a cruel juxtaposition to slash state revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars at a time when education is underfunded by more than $400 million.

Alan L. Rupe, a lawyer for the school districts and students seeking increased funding, criticized the state leaders for passing a tax cut, “and then stand here to plead they cannot increase funding to schools.”

Ray Merrick, the Republican speaker of the House, told the Kansas City Star that he did not see the Legislature “going along with what the courts say.” (see entire article - New York Times)

December 18
So what are we talking in terms of a timeline? ...How soon will we find out what official cuts will be made?
Usually the Board does not like to talk about the budget issues until after the first of the year. The legislative session can sometimes throw us a curveball, and we never know what's going to happen in Topeka. The serious concerns of our projected district financial situation and the state's revenue shortfalls have forced the USD 400 Board to begin discussions early this year. We need to have extensive discussion about how we intend to make the big cuts. There will certainly be additional recommendations for cost savings later in the spring after we see how things fall out. But we need to let our patrons, parents and employees know the major changes that will occur.

January 13 - 7:00 p.m. - Regular Board Meeting: The primary focus of this meeting will be to begin making decisions about the reductions that must occur. The Board may begin to take action this evening on primary cuts. We may very well see discussions extending into February.

We have recently received some questions about the cost of Vision_Tek..... Is this a program that should be cut?

Closing Vision_Tek will not save the district any money. The USD #400 Board of Education is working to examine all aspects of the budget and reviewing all programs and services offered for our students. “We are spending a great deal of time determining how we are going to balance the 2014-15 budget.”

As the Board works to set priorities for the next school year, one area that will not be cut is Vision_Tek. The building has proven to be a major benefit to the district, not only by serving students and the community, but it also produces considerable revenue for Smoky Valley.

The district does not require that programs such as Industrial Arts, Family and Consumer Science or Music produce revenue enough to sustain their programs. These programs are put in place because they are good for our children. Vision_Tek is also producing amazing results for a large number of SV students in the area of technology. But unlike any of the other district services, it does produce enough revenue to benefit the district and keep the building operating without financially taxing the budget.

Revenue Generating:

  • The Virtual Charter School is also located in Vision_Tek. The district’s charter school has always produced enough revenue from its enrollment to pay all expenses. All charter monies must be spent in the charter school. The additional revenue from the charter school provides for staff, utility expenses and shared equipment for Vision_Tek. This year the state funding for SVVCS will generate $340,431 based on an FTE of 83.2.

  • Vision_Tek serves 75-80 students. Most students generate Career and Technical Education (CTE) dollars because the course meets the state approved guidelines. The district will receive from $17,644 in CTE funding.

  • Memberships and evening class offerings have produced over $3,300 last year. We anticipate continued community involvement in our services.

  • Vision_Tek has been named an Apple Authorized Service Provider. This means that our current Apple Certified Service Technicians will be reimbursed at a much higher rate from Apple for each warranted repair on our own machines, as well as public machines. In order to maintain this status, we must have a storefront downtown. We currently provide for hundreds of repairs each year. This easily translates into $25,000-30,000 additional dollars annually. The actual cost savings to the district is even higher in this area because of our Apple status. We receive equipment purchase credits (rather than a direct check) on every warranted repair, saving us several thousand additional dollars annually.

Unfortunately many of our programs will be threatened with cuts and reductions because of the State’s economic situation. Cutting the Vision_Tek program will not save the district money. The losers would be the students, the community and the district budget. Closing the facility would force us to cut something else in order to make up for the lost revenue that the center generates.

The Marquette Tribune said "Closing MES Has Been Proposed".... Is That True?
No, it is not true. Superintendent Suppes discussed several major cuts that must be considered at the next board meeting. Additional information will be presented on January 13. Glen Suppes did comment that he would have a proposal for the board, that could include several staff cuts or possibly closing MES. No official proposal was presented to the board. Here are the official December 9, 2013 Board minutes.

December 17
Governor to Support Kindergarten Funding Phase-in

December 16
So how serious is the budget situation for our district?
The Governor, with support of the legislature, has placed school districts across the state in the most devastating financial situation in the history of the state. You have certainly been reading in the daily news of the drastic cuts to education, as well as other state services. After the recession, Governor Brownback implemented the largest cut to personal income tax, in an effort to bring about economic growth. Income tax is the most relied upon tax for Kansas. This move has brought about major concerns to all factions of state services, especially K-12 education. And many argue that this was an extremely detrimental move by Governor Brownback. Some legislators and advocate groups argue that Kansas has selected a direct path to financial bankruptcy.

So what exactly are we talking about in terms of dollars that need to be cut?
After consideration of our current situation, expenditures and anticipated budget for FY'15, the Board of Education has anticipated that a minimum of $379,500 must be cut from the budget for next year. Some would argue that the number is much higher than that. In either case, this becomes a daunting task. Adding in the spending down of the contingency reserve fund, the board has cut nearly 1 million dollars over the past 3 years. Our students HAVE been affected, and additional cuts will certainly be devastating. This is not just another "tighten your belts"; this is SERIOUS business.

December 13
The Smoky Valley Board of Education began official budget discussions on November 11 with a budget work session. Discussion continued with a Special Board Meeting on November 26, devoted entirely on budget planning for next year, and digging deeper into the root cause of lack of state funding.

Based upon the anticipated loss of the Local Option Budget equalization along with declining enrollment, rising costs, and decreasing federal and state funds, the Board is faced with a challenging situation of balancing the budget for 2014-15. Budget talks will continue at the regular meeting on January 13, 2014.

This past week Duane Goossen reported that lawmakers have not budgeted enough to fund our CURRENT budget. You can read the detailed article in the "What's in the News" section of this wiki. If legislators do not come up with a way to fund the additional money, we will lose over $37,000 in this budget year. Here we go again!!!! And we wonder why schools are making devastating cuts across the state.


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Suppes2015-03-16 17:53:10+00:002015-03-16 17:53:10updated64gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-16 17:52:55+00:002015-03-16 17:52:55updated63gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-16 17:52:24+00:002015-03-16 17:52:24updated62gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-16 17:42:57+00:002015-03-16 17:42:57updated61gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-10 10:58:39+00:002015-03-10 10:58:39updated60gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-06 02:28:16+00:002015-03-06 02:28:16updated59gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-06 02:27:49+00:002015-03-06 02:27:49updated58gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-01 16:59:42+00:002015-03-01 16:59:42updated57gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-01 16:59:03+00:002015-03-01 16:59:03updated56gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-24 01:18:37+00:002015-02-24 01:18:37updated55gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-08 20:00:12+00:002015-02-08 20:00:12updated54gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-08 19:59:31+00:002015-02-08 19:59:31updated53gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-08 19:59:04+00:002015-02-08 19:59:04updated52gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-08 19:57:42+00:002015-02-08 19:57:42updated51gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 16:37:43+00:002015-02-06 16:37:43updated50gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 03:12:16+00:002015-02-06 03:12:16updated49gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 02:55:20+00:002015-02-06 02:55:20updated48gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 02:54:53+00:002015-02-06 02:54:53updated47gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 02:54:26+00:002015-02-06 02:54:26updated46gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 02:54:14+00:002015-02-06 02:54:14updated45gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 02:53:41+00:002015-02-06 02:53:41updated44gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 02:52:59+00:002015-02-06 02:52:59updated43gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 02:52:30+00:002015-02-06 02:52:30updated42gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 02:52:14+00:002015-02-06 02:52:14updated41gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 23:13:30+00:002015-02-05 23:13:30updated40gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 23:13:13+00:002015-02-05 23:13:13updated39gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 22:45:30+00:002015-02-05 22:45:30updated38gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 22:45:01+00:002015-02-05 22:45:01updated37gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 20:38:08+00:002015-02-05 20:38:08updated36gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-04 18:10:45+00:002015-02-04 18:10:45updated35gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 19:46:30+00:002015-02-01 19:46:30updated34gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 19:45:42+00:002015-02-01 19:45:42updated33gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 19:44:36+00:002015-02-01 19:44:36updated32gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 18:46:12+00:002015-02-01 18:46:12updated31gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 18:46:01+00:002015-02-01 18:46:01updated30gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 18:45:34+00:002015-02-01 18:45:34updated29gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 22:57:53+00:002015-01-30 22:57:53updated28gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:28:27+00:002015-01-30 20:28:27updated27gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:26:01+00:002015-01-30 20:26:01updated26gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:25:13+00:002015-01-30 20:25:13updated25gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:52:15+00:002015-01-30 18:52:15updated24gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:51:37+00:002015-01-30 18:51:37updated23gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 01:41:10+00:002015-01-30 01:41:10updated22gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 01:41:05+00:002015-01-30 01:41:05updated21gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 01:40:52+00:002015-01-30 01:40:52updated20gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 01:39:08+00:002015-01-30 01:39:08updated19gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:50:29+00:002015-01-28 15:50:29updated18gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:49:27+00:002015-01-28 15:49:27updated17gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:46:53+00:002015-01-28 15:46:53updated16gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:46:33+00:002015-01-28 15:46:33updated15gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:45:28+00:002015-01-28 15:45:28updated14gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:45:01+00:002015-01-28 15:45:01updated13gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:44:49+00:002015-01-28 15:44:49updated12gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:44:33+00:002015-01-28 15:44:33updated11gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 15:37:49+00:002015-01-28 15:37:49updated10gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:23:53+00:002015-01-26 00:23:53updated9gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:21:30+00:002015-01-26 00:21:30updated8Added tag - hotgsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:21:28+00:002015-01-26 00:21:28addTag7gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:20:57+00:002015-01-26 00:20:57updated6gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 23:42:43+00:002015-01-25 23:42:43updated5gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 23:42:31+00:002015-01-25 23:42:31updated4gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 23:39:49+00:002015-01-25 23:39:49updated3gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 23:38:41+00:002015-01-25 23:38:41updated2First createdgsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 23:38:10+00:002015-01-25 23:38:10created1wiki2018-05-07T19:12:56+00:00groups/superintendentpage/wiki/b5b02FalseUSD #400 Budget Discussion/groups/superintendentpage/wiki/b5b02/USD_400_Budget_Discussion.htmlGlen Suppes239 updatesUSD #400 Budget Discussion [Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.00.57 PM.png][Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.04.04 PM.png][Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.07.19 PM.png] F...Falsegsuppes2018-05-07T19:12:56+00:00gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-05-07 18:13:29+00:002018-05-07 18:13:29updated616gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-04-27 14:43:45+00:002018-04-27 14:43:45updated615gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-03-23 20:03:43+00:002018-03-23 20:03:43updated614gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-03-12 01:04:55+00:002018-03-12 01:04:55updated613gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-03-06 01:36:44+00:002018-03-06 01:36:44updated612gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-27 23:33:28+00:002018-02-27 23:33:28updated611gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-25 18:00:20+00:002018-02-25 18:00:20updated610gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-25 17:59:14+00:002018-02-25 17:59:14updated609gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-25 17:58:15+00:002018-02-25 17:58:15updated608gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-25 17:57:16+00:002018-02-25 17:57:16updated607gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-25 17:55:56+00:002018-02-25 17:55:56updated606gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-16 19:00:50+00:002018-02-16 19:00:50updated605gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-14 20:23:19+00:002018-02-14 20:23:19updated604gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-14 20:22:08+00:002018-02-14 20:22:08updated603gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-08 20:54:48+00:002018-02-08 20:54:48updated602gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-02 18:42:55+00:002018-02-02 18:42:55updated601gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-29 19:37:00+00:002018-01-29 19:37:00updated600gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-19 18:39:02+00:002018-01-19 18:39:02updated599gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-19 16:28:58+00:002018-01-19 16:28:58updated598gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-19 16:27:07+00:002018-01-19 16:27:07updated597gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-11 20:50:57+00:002018-01-11 20:50:57updated596gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-11 20:25:49+00:002018-01-11 20:25:49updated595gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-11 20:24:14+00:002018-01-11 20:24:14updated594gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-04 02:35:19+00:002018-01-04 02:35:19updated593gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-04 02:33:01+00:002018-01-04 02:33:01updated592gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-01-04 02:30:31+00:002018-01-04 02:30:31updated591gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-07-03 16:28:45+00:002017-07-03 16:28:45updated590gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-07-03 16:27:43+00:002017-07-03 16:27:43updated589gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-07-03 16:26:06+00:002017-07-03 16:26:06updated588gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-06-14 20:00:19+00:002017-06-14 20:00:19updated587gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-06-07 15:50:58+00:002017-06-07 15:50:58updated586gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-05-25 23:31:05+00:002017-05-25 23:31:05updated585gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-05-21 16:51:54+00:002017-05-21 16:51:54updated584gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-05-12 12:56:40+00:002017-05-12 12:56:40updated583gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-05-05 14:45:57+00:002017-05-05 14:45:57updated582gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-22 14:53:34+00:002017-04-22 14:53:34updated581gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-21 16:10:40+00:002017-04-21 16:10:40updated580gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:48:13+00:002017-04-02 18:48:13updated579gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:36:04+00:002017-04-02 18:36:04updated578gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:35:20+00:002017-04-02 18:35:20updated577gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:13:54+00:002017-04-02 18:13:54updated576gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:13:09+00:002017-04-02 18:13:09updated575gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:11:18+00:002017-04-02 18:11:18updated574gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:10:14+00:002017-04-02 18:10:14updated573gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:09:31+00:002017-04-02 18:09:31updated572gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-04-02 18:08:35+00:002017-04-02 18:08:35updated571gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-03-25 16:45:36+00:002017-03-25 16:45:36updated570gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-03-25 16:40:03+00:002017-03-25 16:40:03updated569gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-03-12 20:44:25+00:002017-03-12 20:44:25updated568gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-03-12 20:13:05+00:002017-03-12 20:13:05updated567gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-03-12 20:11:26+00:002017-03-12 20:11:26updated566gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-03-12 20:08:42+00:002017-03-12 20:08:42updated565gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-03-12 20:06:18+00:002017-03-12 20:06:18updated564gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-25 18:30:46+00:002017-02-25 18:30:46updated563gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-25 18:30:24+00:002017-02-25 18:30:24updated562gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-23 23:42:09+00:002017-02-23 23:42:09updated561gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-23 02:56:52+00:002017-02-23 02:56:52updated560gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-23 02:27:51+00:002017-02-23 02:27:51updated559gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-19 19:14:18+00:002017-02-19 19:14:18updated558gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-16 00:53:04+00:002017-02-16 00:53:04updated557gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-16 00:52:27+00:002017-02-16 00:52:27updated556gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-15 23:33:53+00:002017-02-15 23:33:53updated555gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-15 23:29:12+00:002017-02-15 23:29:12updated554gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-15 00:28:50+00:002017-02-15 00:28:50updated553gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-15 00:18:41+00:002017-02-15 00:18:41updated552gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-10 16:08:27+00:002017-02-10 16:08:27updated551gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-10 16:07:53+00:002017-02-10 16:07:53updated550gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-10 16:06:42+00:002017-02-10 16:06:42updated549gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-10 16:05:36+00:002017-02-10 16:05:36updated548gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-07 15:27:01+00:002017-02-07 15:27:01updated547gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-07 15:25:21+00:002017-02-07 15:25:21updated546gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-07 15:24:21+00:002017-02-07 15:24:21updated545gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-03 18:44:31+00:002017-02-03 18:44:31updated544gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-03 18:38:50+00:002017-02-03 18:38:50updated543gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-03 18:38:20+00:002017-02-03 18:38:20updated542gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-02-01 18:17:01+00:002017-02-01 18:17:01updated541gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-30 02:06:26+00:002017-01-30 02:06:26updated540gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-30 02:05:23+00:002017-01-30 02:05:23updated539gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-25 23:43:29+00:002017-01-25 23:43:29updated538gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-25 23:43:02+00:002017-01-25 23:43:02updated537gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-25 23:42:12+00:002017-01-25 23:42:12updated536gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-25 23:30:28+00:002017-01-25 23:30:28updated535gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-25 23:11:05+00:002017-01-25 23:11:05updated534gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-20 18:19:36+00:002017-01-20 18:19:36updated533gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-20 18:18:00+00:002017-01-20 18:18:00updated532gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-17 23:12:57+00:002017-01-17 23:12:57updated531gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-17 23:12:16+00:002017-01-17 23:12:16updated530gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-17 23:10:50+00:002017-01-17 23:10:50updated529gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-17 23:10:29+00:002017-01-17 23:10:29updated528gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-17 23:10:09+00:002017-01-17 23:10:09updated527gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-12 03:41:07+00:002017-01-12 03:41:07updated526gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-10 03:31:52+00:002017-01-10 03:31:52updated525gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-08 20:15:06+00:002017-01-08 20:15:06updated524gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-08 20:05:38+00:002017-01-08 20:05:38updated523gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-08 20:02:14+00:002017-01-08 20:02:14updated522gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-08 20:01:20+00:002017-01-08 20:01:20updated521gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-08 19:58:39+00:002017-01-08 19:58:39updated520gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-06 14:27:28+00:002017-01-06 14:27:28updated519gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-05 04:20:35+00:002017-01-05 04:20:35updated518gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-05 04:19:21+00:002017-01-05 04:19:21updated517gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-05 04:18:44+00:002017-01-05 04:18:44updated516gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 19:58:53+00:002017-01-02 19:58:53updated515gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 19:57:59+00:002017-01-02 19:57:59updated514gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 19:44:52+00:002017-01-02 19:44:52updated513gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 19:44:08+00:002017-01-02 19:44:08updated512gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 19:43:07+00:002017-01-02 19:43:07updated511gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 19:37:22+00:002017-01-02 19:37:22updated510gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-06-23 14:09:32+00:002016-06-23 14:09:32updated509gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-05-22 15:55:52+00:002016-05-22 15:55:52updated508gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-05-22 15:55:01+00:002016-05-22 15:55:01updated507gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-04-30 20:54:59+00:002016-04-30 20:54:59updated506gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-04-26 00:40:42+00:002016-04-26 00:40:42updated505gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-04-26 00:39:56+00:002016-04-26 00:39:56updated504gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-04-05 02:39:14+00:002016-04-05 02:39:14updated503gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-03-28 17:36:29+00:002016-03-28 17:36:29updated502gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-03-01 02:26:43+00:002016-03-01 02:26:43updated501gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-02-21 18:14:54+00:002016-02-21 18:14:54updated500gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-02-19 02:54:06+00:002016-02-19 02:54:06updated499gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-02-07 19:29:38+00:002016-02-07 19:29:38updated498gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-02-04 21:14:11+00:002016-02-04 21:14:11updated497gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-02-04 21:01:29+00:002016-02-04 21:01:29updated496gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-01-31 18:08:03+00:002016-01-31 18:08:03updated495gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-01-31 18:06:38+00:002016-01-31 18:06:38updated494gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-01-31 18:05:31+00:002016-01-31 18:05:31updated493gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-01-28 01:01:17+00:002016-01-28 01:01:17updated492gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-01-28 01:00:44+00:002016-01-28 01:00:44updated491gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-01-28 00:58:58+00:002016-01-28 00:58:58updated490gsuppesGlen Suppes2016-01-21 05:42:05+00:002016-01-21 05:42:05updated489gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-12-02 01:10:47+00:002015-12-02 01:10:47updated488gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-11-13 02:11:29+00:002015-11-13 02:11:29updated487gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-11-05 15:41:10+00:002015-11-05 15:41:10updated486gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-10-28 22:37:33+00:002015-10-28 22:37:33updated485gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-10-28 22:35:38+00:002015-10-28 22:35:38updated484gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-10-07 16:37:17+00:002015-10-07 16:37:17updated483gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-10-07 16:36:32+00:002015-10-07 16:36:32updated482gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-09-19 01:27:36+00:002015-09-19 01:27:36updated481gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-09-19 01:26:52+00:002015-09-19 01:26:52updated480gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-09-07 18:08:21+00:002015-09-07 18:08:21updated479gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-30 22:34:28+00:002015-08-30 22:34:28updated478gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-26 14:23:24+00:002015-08-26 14:23:24updated477gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-26 14:22:39+00:002015-08-26 14:22:39updated476gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-26 14:19:48+00:002015-08-26 14:19:48updated475glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-16 21:36:14+00:002015-08-16 21:36:14updated474glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-16 21:34:27+00:002015-08-16 21:34:27updated473glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-16 21:33:41+00:002015-08-16 21:33:41updated472glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-16 21:19:51+00:002015-08-16 21:19:51updated471glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-08-01 18:47:22+00:002015-08-01 18:47:22updated470glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-07-28 14:53:10+00:002015-07-28 14:53:10updated469glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-07-28 14:50:53+00:002015-07-28 14:50:53updated468glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-07-28 14:50:37+00:002015-07-28 14:50:37updated467glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-07-24 18:42:38+00:002015-07-24 18:42:38updated466glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-07-06 14:18:36+00:002015-07-06 14:18:36updated465glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-07-01 13:47:21+00:002015-07-01 13:47:21updated464glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-26 19:24:38+00:002015-06-26 19:24:38updated463glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-19 14:46:44+00:002015-06-19 14:46:44updated462glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-19 14:45:25+00:002015-06-19 14:45:25updated461glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-19 14:43:43+00:002015-06-19 14:43:43updated460glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-15 18:32:40+00:002015-06-15 18:32:40updated459glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-15 13:35:46+00:002015-06-15 13:35:46updated458glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-15 13:34:39+00:002015-06-15 13:34:39updated457glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-13 15:10:21+00:002015-06-13 15:10:21updated456glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-11 01:31:57+00:002015-06-11 01:31:57updated455glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-11 01:06:21+00:002015-06-11 01:06:21updated454glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-06-09 23:46:45+00:002015-06-09 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Suppes2015-05-13 23:59:42+00:002015-05-13 23:59:42updated426gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-13 23:59:07+00:002015-05-13 23:59:07updated425gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-11 19:30:08+00:002015-05-11 19:30:08updated424gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-11 19:29:27+00:002015-05-11 19:29:27updated423gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-10 21:29:06+00:002015-05-10 21:29:06updated422gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-08 21:52:41+00:002015-05-08 21:52:41updated421gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-07 02:08:56+00:002015-05-07 02:08:56updated420gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-07 02:07:14+00:002015-05-07 02:07:14updated419gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-07 02:03:27+00:002015-05-07 02:03:27updated418gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-07 02:00:36+00:002015-05-07 02:00:36updated417gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-07 01:59:21+00:002015-05-07 01:59:21updated416gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-01 15:45:01+00:002015-05-01 15:45:01updated415gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-01 15:43:51+00:002015-05-01 15:43:51updated414gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-05-01 15:43:07+00:002015-05-01 15:43:07updated413gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-29 16:43:45+00:002015-04-29 16:43:45updated412gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-29 16:30:59+00:002015-04-29 16:30:59updated411gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-29 16:30:15+00:002015-04-29 16:30:15updated410gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-29 02:20:40+00:002015-04-29 02:20:40updated409gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-29 02:19:36+00:002015-04-29 02:19:36updated408gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-29 02:18:41+00:002015-04-29 02:18:41updated407gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-23 01:17:34+00:002015-04-23 01:17:34updated406gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-23 01:16:56+00:002015-04-23 01:16:56updated405gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-23 01:15:38+00:002015-04-23 01:15:38updated404gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-22 18:56:51+00:002015-04-22 18:56:51updated403gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-22 18:31:23+00:002015-04-22 18:31:23updated402gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-22 18:30:06+00:002015-04-22 18:30:06updated401gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-22 18:24:56+00:002015-04-22 18:24:56updated400gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-18 15:51:08+00:002015-04-18 15:51:08updated399gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-18 15:49:56+00:002015-04-18 15:49:56updated398gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-18 15:49:29+00:002015-04-18 15:49:29updated397gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-18 15:48:58+00:002015-04-18 15:48:58updated396gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-17 03:48:01+00:002015-04-17 03:48:01updated395gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-17 01:16:23+00:002015-04-17 01:16:23updated394gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-16 21:09:43+00:002015-04-16 21:09:43updated393gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-06 18:58:44+00:002015-04-06 18:58:44updated392gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-04-06 18:46:27+00:002015-04-06 18:46:27updated391gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-31 23:13:04+00:002015-03-31 23:13:04updated390gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-31 02:46:47+00:002015-03-31 02:46:47updated389gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-31 02:44:19+00:002015-03-31 02:44:19updated388gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-27 15:52:44+00:002015-03-27 15:52:44updated387gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-24 22:24:23+00:002015-03-24 22:24:23updated386gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-24 22:23:37+00:002015-03-24 22:23:37updated385gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-24 15:32:10+00:002015-03-24 15:32:10updated384gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-24 15:26:23+00:002015-03-24 15:26:23updated383gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-24 15:25:55+00:002015-03-24 15:25:55updated382gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-20 03:52:31+00:002015-03-20 03:52:31updated381gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-18 13:06:38+00:002015-03-18 13:06:38updated380gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-18 13:03:21+00:002015-03-18 13:03:21updated379gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-16 17:37:30+00:002015-03-16 17:37:30updated378gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-13 21:38:52+00:002015-03-13 21:38:52updated377gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-13 21:38:09+00:002015-03-13 21:38:09updated376gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-13 21:37:14+00:002015-03-13 21:37:14updated375gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-13 00:19:31+00:002015-03-13 00:19:31updated374gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-11 13:54:16+00:002015-03-11 13:54:16updated373gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-10 19:30:28+00:002015-03-10 19:30:28updated372gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-10 10:52:35+00:002015-03-10 10:52:35updated371gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-08 14:10:25+00:002015-03-08 14:10:25updated370gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-08 14:08:52+00:002015-03-08 14:08:52updated369gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-06 02:21:13+00:002015-03-06 02:21:13updated368gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-01 20:42:28+00:002015-03-01 20:42:28updated367gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-01 20:41:30+00:002015-03-01 20:41:30updated366gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-01 16:51:22+00:002015-03-01 16:51:22updated365gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-03-01 16:50:41+00:002015-03-01 16:50:41updated364gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-27 16:40:02+00:002015-02-27 16:40:02updated363gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-24 04:42:58+00:002015-02-24 04:42:58updated362gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-24 01:19:26+00:002015-02-24 01:19:26updated361gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-23 17:51:55+00:002015-02-23 17:51:55updated360gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-23 17:33:58+00:002015-02-23 17:33:58updated359gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-23 17:32:36+00:002015-02-23 17:32:36updated358gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-23 17:32:13+00:002015-02-23 17:32:13updated357glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-23 15:28:47+00:002015-02-23 15:28:47updated356glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-19 19:58:31+00:002015-02-19 19:58:31updated355glensuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-19 19:32:24+00:002015-02-19 19:32:24updated354gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-15 04:39:01+00:002015-02-15 04:39:01updated353gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-13 02:15:14+00:002015-02-13 02:15:14updated352gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-08 05:03:42+00:002015-02-08 05:03:42updated351gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-07 19:17:34+00:002015-02-07 19:17:34updated350gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-07 19:15:19+00:002015-02-07 19:15:19updated349gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-07 19:09:04+00:002015-02-07 19:09:04updated348gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 01:47:28+00:002015-02-06 01:47:28updated347gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 01:46:11+00:002015-02-06 01:46:11updated346gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 01:45:24+00:002015-02-06 01:45:24updated345gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 23:28:54+00:002015-02-05 23:28:54updated344gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 22:55:18+00:002015-02-05 22:55:18updated343gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 22:54:20+00:002015-02-05 22:54:20updated342gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 22:38:58+00:002015-02-05 22:38:58updated341gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 22:38:21+00:002015-02-05 22:38:21updated340gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 20:32:36+00:002015-02-05 20:32:36updated339gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-05 20:25:37+00:002015-02-05 20:25:37updated338gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-04 18:06:22+00:002015-02-04 18:06:22updated337gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-04 18:05:17+00:002015-02-04 18:05:17updated336gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-04 18:04:37+00:002015-02-04 18:04:37updated335gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-04 18:03:13+00:002015-02-04 18:03:13updated334gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-04 18:02:53+00:002015-02-04 18:02:53updated333gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 18:41:36+00:002015-02-01 18:41:36updated332gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 17:15:39+00:002015-02-01 17:15:39updated331gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-01 17:12:16+00:002015-02-01 17:12:16updated330gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 23:36:44+00:002015-01-30 23:36:44updated329gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 23:36:29+00:002015-01-30 23:36:29updated328gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:27:30+00:002015-01-30 20:27:30updated327gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:24:00+00:002015-01-30 20:24:00updated326gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:23:38+00:002015-01-30 20:23:38updated325gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:22:44+00:002015-01-30 20:22:44updated324gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:21:58+00:002015-01-30 20:21:58updated323gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:21:24+00:002015-01-30 20:21:24updated322gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:50:44+00:002015-01-30 18:50:44updated321gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:49:36+00:002015-01-30 18:49:36updated320gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:49:02+00:002015-01-30 18:49:02updated319gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:48:03+00:002015-01-30 18:48:03updated318gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:47:15+00:002015-01-30 18:47:15updated317gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 01:39:37+00:002015-01-30 01:39:37updated316gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 00:25:57+00:002015-01-28 00:25:57updated315gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-28 00:25:01+00:002015-01-28 00:25:01updated314gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-27 19:11:56+00:002015-01-27 19:11:56updated313gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-27 19:11:05+00:002015-01-27 19:11:05updated312gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 01:10:13+00:002015-01-26 01:10:13updated311gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 01:09:30+00:002015-01-26 01:09:30updated310gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:19:46+00:002015-01-26 00:19:46updated309gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:17:43+00:002015-01-26 00:17:43updated308gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:15:56+00:002015-01-26 00:15:56updated307gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:15:08+00:002015-01-26 00:15:08updated306gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:14:18+00:002015-01-26 00:14:18updated305gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:12:08+00:002015-01-26 00:12:08updated304gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:11:08+00:002015-01-26 00:11:08updated303gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-26 00:08:56+00:002015-01-26 00:08:56updated302gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 23:27:10+00:002015-01-25 23:27:10updated301gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 23:25:13+00:002015-01-25 23:25:13updated300gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 17:36:36+00:002015-01-25 17:36:36updated299gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-25 17:36:05+00:002015-01-25 17:36:05updated298gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-24 13:23:47+00:002015-01-24 13:23:47updated297gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-24 13:23:33+00:002015-01-24 13:23:33updated296gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-24 13:22:51+00:002015-01-24 13:22:51updated295gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-24 13:22:34+00:002015-01-24 13:22:34updated294gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-20 23:33:48+00:002015-01-20 23:33:48updated293gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-16 20:25:43+00:002015-01-16 20:25:43updated292gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-16 20:20:21+00:002015-01-16 20:20:21updated291gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-07 02:40:38+00:002015-01-07 02:40:38updated290gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-07 02:38:12+00:002015-01-07 02:38:12updated289gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-07 02:37:25+00:002015-01-07 02:37:25updated288gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-30 23:31:40+00:002014-12-30 23:31:40updated287gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-10 01:54:21+00:002014-12-10 01:54:21updated286gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-10 01:54:02+00:002014-12-10 01:54:02updated285gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-10 01:53:40+00:002014-12-10 01:53:40updated284gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-10 01:53:06+00:002014-12-10 01:53:06updated283gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-10 01:52:37+00:002014-12-10 01:52:37updated282gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-10 01:50:50+00:002014-12-10 01:50:50updated281gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-10 01:50:01+00:002014-12-10 01:50:01updated280gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-12-10 01:49:13+00:002014-12-10 01:49:13updated279gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-26 14:23:03+00:002014-11-26 14:23:03updated278gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-26 14:21:44+00:002014-11-26 14:21:44updated277gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-19 00:51:42+00:002014-11-19 00:51:42updated276gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-19 00:51:03+00:002014-11-19 00:51:03updated275gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-19 00:50:29+00:002014-11-19 00:50:29updated274gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-19 00:50:00+00:002014-11-19 00:50:00updated273gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-19 00:48:52+00:002014-11-19 00:48:52updated272glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-12 04:05:53+00:002014-11-12 04:05:53updated271glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-12 04:01:56+00:002014-11-12 04:01:56updated270gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-11 01:54:48+00:002014-11-11 01:54:48updated269gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-11 01:54:22+00:002014-11-11 01:54:22updated268gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:59:33+00:002014-11-10 00:59:33updated267glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:31:14+00:002014-11-10 00:31:14updated266glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:30:42+00:002014-11-10 00:30:42updated265glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:30:07+00:002014-11-10 00:30:07updated264glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:26:11+00:002014-11-10 00:26:11updated263glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:25:03+00:002014-11-10 00:25:03updated262glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:20:08+00:002014-11-10 00:20:08updated261glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:19:01+00:002014-11-10 00:19:01updated260glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:18:08+00:002014-11-10 00:18:08updated259glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:14:48+00:002014-11-10 00:14:48updated258glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:12:53+00:002014-11-10 00:12:53updated257glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:11:45+00:002014-11-10 00:11:45updated256glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:09:00+00:002014-11-10 00:09:00updated255glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:08:22+00:002014-11-10 00:08:22updated254glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:06:25+00:002014-11-10 00:06:25updated253glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:05:49+00:002014-11-10 00:05:49updated252glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:05:16+00:002014-11-10 00:05:16updated251glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:04:37+00:002014-11-10 00:04:37updated250gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-10-08 14:36:30+00:002014-10-08 14:36:30updated249gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-10-08 14:35:37+00:002014-10-08 14:35:37updated248gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-09-09 17:21:26+00:002014-09-09 17:21:26updated247gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-09-09 17:21:03+00:002014-09-09 17:21:03updated246gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-09-09 17:19:46+00:002014-09-09 17:19:46updated245gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-07-21 17:02:49+00:002014-07-21 17:02:49updated244gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-05-28 23:31:23+00:002014-05-28 23:31:23updated243gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-05-28 23:30:47+00:002014-05-28 23:30:47updated242gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-05-18 14:50:12+00:002014-05-18 14:50:12updated241gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-05-18 14:49:26+00:002014-05-18 14:49:26updated240gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-05-18 14:47:20+00:002014-05-18 14:47:20updated239gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-21 19:53:41+00:002014-04-21 19:53:41updated238gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-21 19:52:59+00:002014-04-21 19:52:59updated237gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-13 19:05:55+00:002014-04-13 19:05:55updated236gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-13 19:05:28+00:002014-04-13 19:05:28updated235gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-05 16:05:52+00:002014-04-05 16:05:52updated234gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-05 16:05:27+00:002014-04-05 16:05:27updated233gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-28 17:53:36+00:002014-03-28 17:53:36updated232gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-28 17:52:45+00:002014-03-28 17:52:45updated231gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-18 16:58:19+00:002014-03-18 16:58:19updated230gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-18 16:57:56+00:002014-03-18 16:57:56updated229gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-18 16:56:59+00:002014-03-18 16:56:59updated228gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-13 01:50:14+00:002014-03-13 01:50:14updated227gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-13 01:49:33+00:002014-03-13 01:49:33updated226gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-13 01:49:04+00:002014-03-13 01:49:04updated225gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-13 01:48:38+00:002014-03-13 01:48:38updated224gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-13 01:48:24+00:002014-03-13 01:48:24updated223gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-09 19:30:36+00:002014-03-09 19:30:36updated222gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-09 19:30:13+00:002014-03-09 19:30:13updated221gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-08 00:25:38+00:002014-03-08 00:25:38updated220gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-08 00:24:37+00:002014-03-08 00:24:37updated219gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-08 00:24:00+00:002014-03-08 00:24:00updated218gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-07 03:55:13+00:002014-03-07 03:55:13updated217gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-07 03:54:52+00:002014-03-07 03:54:52updated216gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-06 01:44:50+00:002014-03-06 01:44:50updated215gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-06 01:44:35+00:002014-03-06 01:44:35updated214gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-03-02 19:01:38+00:002014-03-02 19:01:38updated213gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-02-28 01:37:03+00:002014-02-28 01:37:03updated212gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-02-28 01:36:43+00:002014-02-28 01:36:43updated211gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-27 15:37:10+00:002014-01-27 15:37:10updated210gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-24 01:57:58+00:002014-01-24 01:57:58updated209gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-24 01:57:43+00:002014-01-24 01:57:43updated208gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-24 01:57:06+00:002014-01-24 01:57:06updated207gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-18 20:17:23+00:002014-01-18 20:17:23updated206gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-18 20:15:57+00:002014-01-18 20:15:57updated205gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-12 17:12:04+00:002014-01-12 17:12:04updated204gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-12 17:11:24+00:002014-01-12 17:11:24updated203gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-10 18:04:03+00:002014-01-10 18:04:03updated202gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-10 18:02:56+00:002014-01-10 18:02:56updated201gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-08 17:57:58+00:002014-01-08 17:57:58updated200gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-08 17:57:03+00:002014-01-08 17:57:03updated199gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-04 00:10:54+00:002014-01-04 00:10:54updated198gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-03 00:31:24+00:002014-01-03 00:31:24updated197gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-03 00:31:10+00:002014-01-03 00:31:10updated196gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-03 00:29:55+00:002014-01-03 00:29:55updated195gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-01 18:57:42+00:002014-01-01 18:57:42updated194gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-01 18:57:17+00:002014-01-01 18:57:17updated193gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-01 18:56:28+00:002014-01-01 18:56:28updated192gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-30 18:41:05+00:002013-12-30 18:41:05updated191gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-30 18:40:14+00:002013-12-30 18:40:14updated190gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-29 18:27:32+00:002013-12-29 18:27:32updated189gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-29 18:26:53+00:002013-12-29 18:26:53updated188gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-29 18:16:27+00:002013-12-29 18:16:27updated187gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-29 18:16:06+00:002013-12-29 18:16:06updated186gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-29 18:14:59+00:002013-12-29 18:14:59updated185gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-29 18:13:56+00:002013-12-29 18:13:56updated184gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-29 18:12:58+00:002013-12-29 18:12:58updated183gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-21 00:38:22+00:002013-12-21 00:38:22updated182gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-21 00:37:53+00:002013-12-21 00:37:53updated181gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-20 02:59:16+00:002013-12-20 02:59:16updated180gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 02:24:07+00:002013-12-19 02:24:07updated179gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 02:23:51+00:002013-12-19 02:23:51updated178gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 02:22:45+00:002013-12-19 02:22:45updated177gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 02:21:47+00:002013-12-19 02:21:47updated176gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-17 21:12:24+00:002013-12-17 21:12:24updated175gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-17 21:11:17+00:002013-12-17 21:11:17updated174gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-17 02:29:55+00:002013-12-17 02:29:55updated173gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-17 02:29:11+00:002013-12-17 02:29:11updated172gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-17 02:28:27+00:002013-12-17 02:28:27updated171gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-17 02:23:29+00:002013-12-17 02:23:29updated170gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-14 20:00:58+00:002013-12-14 20:00:58updated169gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-14 17:47:18+00:002013-12-14 17:47:18updated168gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-14 17:46:51+00:002013-12-14 17:46:51updated167gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-04 03:09:54+00:002013-12-04 03:09:54updated166gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-11-30 00:37:41+00:002013-11-30 00:37:41updated165gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-11-30 00:37:25+00:002013-11-30 00:37:25updated164gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-11-25 00:33:48+00:002013-11-25 00:33:48updated163gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-11-15 15:46:54+00:002013-11-15 15:46:54updated162gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-11-15 15:46:30+00:002013-11-15 15:46:30updated161gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-11-15 15:44:16+00:002013-11-15 15:44:16updated160gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-11-09 20:25:00+00:002013-11-09 20:25:00updated159gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-11-09 20:24:33+00:002013-11-09 20:24:33updated158gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-28 18:56:28+00:002013-10-28 18:56:28updated157gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-28 18:55:47+00:002013-10-28 18:55:47updated156gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-28 12:53:37+00:002013-10-28 12:53:37updated155gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-28 12:52:31+00:002013-10-28 12:52:31updated154gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-28 12:52:06+00:002013-10-28 12:52:06updated153gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-14 17:23:58+00:002013-10-14 17:23:58updated152gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-14 17:23:41+00:002013-10-14 17:23:41updated151gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-14 17:23:09+00:002013-10-14 17:23:09updated150gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-09 23:43:03+00:002013-10-09 23:43:03updated149gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-10-09 23:42:39+00:002013-10-09 23:42:39updated148gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-30 15:10:59+00:002013-09-30 15:10:59updated147gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-30 15:10:11+00:002013-09-30 15:10:11updated146gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-27 01:11:38+00:002013-09-27 01:11:38updated145gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-27 01:10:43+00:002013-09-27 01:10:43updated144gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-27 01:10:10+00:002013-09-27 01:10:10updated143gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-21 21:45:31+00:002013-09-21 21:45:31updated142gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-21 21:44:58+00:002013-09-21 21:44:58updated141gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-21 21:42:58+00:002013-09-21 21:42:58updated140gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-15 23:20:51+00:002013-09-15 23:20:51updated139gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-15 23:20:14+00:002013-09-15 23:20:14updated138gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-15 23:19:54+00:002013-09-15 23:19:54updated137gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-15 23:19:34+00:002013-09-15 23:19:34updated136gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-15 23:19:11+00:002013-09-15 23:19:11updated135gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-15 23:18:51+00:002013-09-15 23:18:51updated134gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-15 23:18:30+00:002013-09-15 23:18:30updated133gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-09-15 23:17:52+00:002013-09-15 23:17:52updated132gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-07-28 18:23:33+00:002013-07-28 18:23:33updated131gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-07-28 18:23:01+00:002013-07-28 18:23:01updated130gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-06-27 13:31:11+00:002013-06-27 13:31:11updated129gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-06-10 15:35:55+00:002013-06-10 15:35:55updated128gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-06-10 15:35:39+00:002013-06-10 15:35:39updated127gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-06-10 15:34:59+00:002013-06-10 15:34:59updated126gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-06-01 13:06:09+00:002013-06-01 13:06:09updated125gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-06-01 13:05:24+00:002013-06-01 13:05:24updated124gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-05-27 20:08:11+00:002013-05-27 20:08:11updated123gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-05-27 20:07:30+00:002013-05-27 20:07:30updated122gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-05-20 14:04:18+00:002013-05-20 14:04:18updated121gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-05-20 14:03:34+00:002013-05-20 14:03:34updated120gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-05-06 22:41:33+00:002013-05-06 22:41:33updated119gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-05-06 22:41:10+00:002013-05-06 22:41:10updated118gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-24 23:32:23+00:002013-04-24 23:32:23updated117gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-24 23:31:44+00:002013-04-24 23:31:44updated116gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-24 23:28:26+00:002013-04-24 23:28:26updated115gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-22 21:10:56+00:002013-04-22 21:10:56updated114gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-22 20:50:00+00:002013-04-22 20:50:00updated113gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-22 20:49:33+00:002013-04-22 20:49:33updated112gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-18 11:54:12+00:002013-04-18 11:54:12updated111gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-18 11:53:48+00:002013-04-18 11:53:48updated110gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-14 14:33:03+00:002013-04-14 14:33:03updated109gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-09 17:11:05+00:002013-04-09 17:11:05updated108gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-09 17:10:29+00:002013-04-09 17:10:29updated107gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-04 00:33:24+00:002013-04-04 00:33:24updated106gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-04 00:32:51+00:002013-04-04 00:32:51updated105gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-04-04 00:32:35+00:002013-04-04 00:32:35updated104gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-29 14:51:09+00:002013-03-29 14:51:09updated103gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-29 14:49:49+00:002013-03-29 14:49:49updated102gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-22 13:52:13+00:002013-03-22 13:52:13updated101gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-22 13:50:28+00:002013-03-22 13:50:28updated100gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-22 00:02:58+00:002013-03-22 00:02:58updated99gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-22 00:02:16+00:002013-03-22 00:02:16updated98gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-22 00:00:57+00:002013-03-22 00:00:57updated97gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-15 13:53:18+00:002013-03-15 13:53:18updated96gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-15 13:52:55+00:002013-03-15 13:52:55updated95gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-15 13:52:13+00:002013-03-15 13:52:13updated94gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-15 13:51:45+00:002013-03-15 13:51:45updated93gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-13 22:03:16+00:002013-03-13 22:03:16updated92gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-13 22:02:48+00:002013-03-13 22:02:48updated91gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-13 22:01:49+00:002013-03-13 22:01:49updated90gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-13 22:00:27+00:002013-03-13 22:00:27updated89gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-09 22:16:42+00:002013-03-09 22:16:42updated88gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-09 21:43:55+00:002013-03-09 21:43:55updated87gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-07 02:34:13+00:002013-03-07 02:34:13updated86gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-07 02:33:48+00:002013-03-07 02:33:48updated85gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-05 17:15:41+00:002013-03-05 17:15:41updated84gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-03 19:38:14+00:002013-03-03 19:38:14updated83gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-03 19:36:48+00:002013-03-03 19:36:48updated82gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-03 19:36:22+00:002013-03-03 19:36:22updated81gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-03 19:35:56+00:002013-03-03 19:35:56updated80gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-03 19:35:16+00:002013-03-03 19:35:16updated79gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-01 02:28:02+00:002013-03-01 02:28:02updated78gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-03-01 02:27:17+00:002013-03-01 02:27:17updated77gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-28 03:05:42+00:002013-02-28 03:05:42updated76gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-28 03:04:24+00:002013-02-28 03:04:24updated75gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-25 17:44:44+00:002013-02-25 17:44:44updated74gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-22 18:11:06+00:002013-02-22 18:11:06updated73gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-22 18:08:10+00:002013-02-22 18:08:10updated72gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-22 18:06:52+00:002013-02-22 18:06:52updated71gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-20 00:53:46+00:002013-02-20 00:53:46updated70gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-20 00:53:30+00:002013-02-20 00:53:30updated69gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-20 00:51:19+00:002013-02-20 00:51:19updated68gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-17 22:53:40+00:002013-02-17 22:53:40updated67gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-17 22:53:25+00:002013-02-17 22:53:25updated66gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-14 21:11:23+00:002013-02-14 21:11:23updated65gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-14 21:11:13+00:002013-02-14 21:11:13updated64gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-14 21:11:01+00:002013-02-14 21:11:01updated63gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-14 21:09:54+00:002013-02-14 21:09:54updated62gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-13 15:59:21+00:002013-02-13 15:59:21updated61gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-12 15:38:21+00:002013-02-12 15:38:21updated60gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-12 15:36:36+00:002013-02-12 15:36:36updated59gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-09 16:19:16+00:002013-02-09 16:19:16updated58gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-09 16:18:47+00:002013-02-09 16:18:47updated57gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-08 22:22:01+00:002013-02-08 22:22:01updated56gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-07 19:27:05+00:002013-02-07 19:27:05updated55gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-07 19:26:54+00:002013-02-07 19:26:54updated54gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-07 19:25:27+00:002013-02-07 19:25:27updated53gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-07 04:18:43+00:002013-02-07 04:18:43updated52gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-07 04:18:24+00:002013-02-07 04:18:24updated51gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-07 04:17:29+00:002013-02-07 04:17:29updated50gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-07 04:16:46+00:002013-02-07 04:16:46updated49gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-05 03:14:49+00:002013-02-05 03:14:49updated48gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-02-05 03:14:29+00:002013-02-05 03:14:29updated47gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-30 18:58:21+00:002013-01-30 18:58:21updated46gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-30 18:57:45+00:002013-01-30 18:57:45updated45gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-30 18:57:21+00:002013-01-30 18:57:21updated44gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-30 18:56:27+00:002013-01-30 18:56:27updated43gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-30 00:10:08+00:002013-01-30 00:10:08updated42gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-29 01:24:52+00:002013-01-29 01:24:52updated41gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-24 16:02:16+00:002013-01-24 16:02:16updated40gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-24 16:01:47+00:002013-01-24 16:01:47updated39gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-21 17:02:52+00:002013-01-21 17:02:52updated38gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-21 17:00:29+00:002013-01-21 17:00:29updated37gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-21 16:59:41+00:002013-01-21 16:59:41updated36gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-21 16:59:21+00:002013-01-21 16:59:21updated35gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-21 16:59:00+00:002013-01-21 16:59:00updated34gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-21 16:56:39+00:002013-01-21 16:56:39updated33gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-21 16:46:56+00:002013-01-21 16:46:56updated32gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-01-21 16:46:04+00:002013-01-21 16:46:04updated31gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-11-14 15:18:31+00:002012-11-14 15:18:31updated30gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-09-30 20:41:50+00:002012-09-30 20:41:50updated29gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-28 17:04:46+00:002012-06-28 17:04:46updated28gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-28 17:04:16+00:002012-06-28 17:04:16updated27gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-28 17:03:39+00:002012-06-28 17:03:39updated26gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-28 17:02:57+00:002012-06-28 17:02:57updated25gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-20 14:47:30+00:002012-06-20 14:47:30updated24gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-20 14:46:55+00:002012-06-20 14:46:55updated23gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-20 14:46:19+00:002012-06-20 14:46:19updated22gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-20 14:45:54+00:002012-06-20 14:45:54updated21gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-20 14:45:37+00:002012-06-20 14:45:37updated20gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-06-20 14:45:24+00:002012-06-20 14:45:24updated19gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-05-31 02:23:14+00:002012-05-31 02:23:14updated18gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-05-15 21:10:28+00:002012-05-15 21:10:28updated17gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-04-17 03:39:48+00:002012-04-17 03:39:48updated16gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-03-09 16:10:09+00:002012-03-09 16:10:09updated15gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-03-04 22:47:44+00:002012-03-04 22:47:44updated14gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-02-23 22:18:06+00:002012-02-23 22:18:06updated13Added tag - hotgsuppesGlen Suppes2012-02-23 22:18:04+00:002012-02-23 22:18:04addTag12gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-02-23 22:17:11+00:002012-02-23 22:17:11updated11gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-02-23 22:16:27+00:002012-02-23 22:16:27updated10gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-02-23 22:16:08+00:002012-02-23 22:16:08updated9gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-02-17 20:12:34+00:002012-02-17 20:12:34updated8gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-02-12 21:41:52+00:002012-02-12 21:41:52updated7gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-02-02 02:36:55+00:002012-02-02 02:36:55updated6gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-01-31 02:51:07+00:002012-01-31 02:51:07updated5gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-01-31 02:49:55+00:002012-01-31 02:49:55updated4gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-01-31 02:48:58+00:002012-01-31 02:48:58updated3gsuppesGlen Suppes2012-01-24 21:20:41+00:002012-01-24 21:20:41updated2First createdgsuppesGlen Suppes2012-01-24 21:15:16+00:002012-01-24 21:15:16created1wiki2018-05-07T18:13:30+00:00groups/superintendentpage/wiki/29371FalseKS Legislative News /groups/superintendentpage/wiki/29371/KS_Legislative_News_.htmlGlen Suppes616 updatesKS Legislative News [Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.00.57 PM.png][Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.05.32 PM.png][Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.07.19 PM.png] 20...Falsegsuppes2018-05-07T18:13:30+00:00gsuppesGlen Suppes2018-02-02 18:40:34+00:002018-02-02 18:40:34updated57gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-16 16:00:03+00:002017-01-16 16:00:03updated56gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-05 04:40:50+00:002017-01-05 04:40:50updated55gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 15:12:36+00:002017-01-02 15:12:36updated54gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 15:12:22+00:002017-01-02 15:12:22updated53gsuppesGlen Suppes2017-01-02 15:11:37+00:002017-01-02 15:11:37updated52gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 16:41:43+00:002015-02-06 16:41:43updated51gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-02-06 16:40:00+00:002015-02-06 16:40:00updated50gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:25:00+00:002015-01-30 20:25:00updated49gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 20:20:55+00:002015-01-30 20:20:55updated48gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 19:10:44+00:002015-01-30 19:10:44updated47gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 19:10:16+00:002015-01-30 19:10:16updated46gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 19:09:47+00:002015-01-30 19:09:47updated45gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 19:09:07+00:002015-01-30 19:09:07updated44gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 19:08:16+00:002015-01-30 19:08:16updated43gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 19:07:42+00:002015-01-30 19:07:42updated42gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:53:15+00:002015-01-30 18:53:15updated41gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 18:53:02+00:002015-01-30 18:53:02updated40gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 01:40:09+00:002015-01-30 01:40:09updated39gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-30 01:40:02+00:002015-01-30 01:40:02updated38gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-27 20:29:44+00:002015-01-27 20:29:44updated37gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:42:45+00:002015-01-19 23:42:45updated36gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:36:20+00:002015-01-19 23:36:20updated35gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:30:58+00:002015-01-19 23:30:58updated34gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:30:08+00:002015-01-19 23:30:08updated33gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:28:04+00:002015-01-19 23:28:04updated32gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:25:34+00:002015-01-19 23:25:34updated31gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:20:16+00:002015-01-19 23:20:16updated30gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:19:41+00:002015-01-19 23:19:41updated29gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:18:28+00:002015-01-19 23:18:28updated28gsuppesGlen Suppes2015-01-19 23:17:56+00:002015-01-19 23:17:56updated27glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:31:27+00:002014-11-10 00:31:27updated26glensuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-10 00:08:35+00:002014-11-10 00:08:35updated25gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-09 22:21:13+00:002014-11-09 22:21:13updated24gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-11-09 22:20:01+00:002014-11-09 22:20:01updated23gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-05 16:16:50+00:002014-04-05 16:16:50updated22gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-01 18:20:28+00:002014-04-01 18:20:28updated21gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-01 18:20:07+00:002014-04-01 18:20:07updated20gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-01 18:18:16+00:002014-04-01 18:18:16updated19gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-04-01 18:15:42+00:002014-04-01 18:15:42updated18gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-26 21:41:45+00:002014-01-26 21:41:45updated17gsuppesGlen Suppes2014-01-26 21:41:12+00:002014-01-26 21:41:12updated16gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 15:47:48+00:002013-12-19 15:47:48updated15gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 15:47:00+00:002013-12-19 15:47:00updated14gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 15:45:23+00:002013-12-19 15:45:23updated13gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 15:36:19+00:002013-12-19 15:36:19updated12gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 15:34:36+00:002013-12-19 15:34:36updated11gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-19 15:33:52+00:002013-12-19 15:33:52updated10gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-17 15:15:27+00:002013-12-17 15:15:27updated9Added tag - hotgsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-17 15:15:19+00:002013-12-17 15:15:19addTag8gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-16 13:56:38+00:002013-12-16 13:56:38updated7gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-16 13:56:07+00:002013-12-16 13:56:07updated6gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-16 13:55:01+00:002013-12-16 13:55:01updated5gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-16 13:52:05+00:002013-12-16 13:52:05updated4gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-16 13:50:01+00:002013-12-16 13:50:01updated3gsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-16 13:47:53+00:002013-12-16 13:47:53updated2First createdgsuppesGlen Suppes2013-12-16 13:47:13+00:002013-12-16 13:47:13created1wiki2018-02-02T18:40:34+00:00groups/superintendentpage/wiki/a0b82FalseContact Your LEGISLATOR/groups/superintendentpage/wiki/a0b82/Contact_Your_LEGISLATOR.htmlGlen Suppes57 updatesContact Your LEGISLATOR [Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.00.57 PM.png][Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.04.04 PM.png][Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.05.32 PM.png] 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