who has made me a better person

mrs. craford changed my life because i was always getting in trouble in 7th grade and she wiped me in shape bye having teachers walk with me to class to i got tired of that and started doing the right thing so that all that could stop.


to build a fire

i would be frezzing and it would suck it is 50 below zero and they are trying to make it to camp to make a fire i hope they make it.


sept 19

a big fireball bright light stream shoot on a weekly baisis no sights in the wester region.

forever 21 stops selling allergic to algerbra

they stoped selling the shirt because it was sexiest it said girls cant do math so i have my brother do it for me..
so they have pulled it off there web site because it was sexiest.


9/12 reading minute

9/12((amelia Earhart's googles photos fetch $31,000))

googles were sold with a cracked lens for $17,775. the goggles were owned bye some one and sold at an auction. the march flight was one of two attempts earthart made that year to circumnavigate the globe. her plane disappeared in the pacific during the second attempt a few months later.

9/13 spong bob

they thing sponge bob is bad for young kid because it confuses them more than like dorra the explorer but it is a fun and not boring show.

9/14 no more cigarettes for malaysian orangitan

they need to stop throwing cigarets to the animals because they are growing the habit of smoking
so officals were told to stop throwing cigarettes in the cages of the animals. smoking cigarettes are not normal for animal.


reading minute 8/29

8/29: why do we have ssr on wed. and thursday?
starving the brain that needs dev. has conseqences in life. w/out deeper thinking--may have a generation that cant manage their own behavior. can't plan ahead. can't make good life choices. silent sistained ssr also helps students be stronger test takers because they have developed real- worls knowledge and can connect information together.

8/30 swedes get reprieve
the swedes golf team will be let off from three torniments to 1 which the coach will pick which one and they all have to write a letter of apology to there school and if they mess up in there dorms or any were else that can result in more suspension. they will be in trouble if they do any thing else.

Teen Tribune
should teacher be able to friend students?
a ohio school district had banded teachers from freinding students online
yes teachers should be able to freind students because there is no harm with having you teacher as a friend on online sites.
dutch woman calls ex-boyfriend 65,000 times
the woman is being charged with stalking after she alefedly call the 62 year old man 65,000 times over a year she was told to stay away and to not have any contact with the man ever again.



I am a kid that likes to have fun but some people don’t think my fun is appropriate . my type of would include beating up my brothers, hanging out with friends, and riding four wheelers. I love to go to the lake and have some fun and go wake boarding and jet skiing and chill with my friends .these are the thing that I could do 365 day out of the year and make a career out of.

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Kohn paragraph

Mrs. Kohn loves Kansas State! Loves to going to Colorado. She lives in Salina with her husband, Eric. She has never taught high school science and has only taught 3 years at Smoky Valley High School. Her favorite season is fall. She has two dogs and she loves to spoil them! She has three brothers and she is the youngest off them all. Her daughters husband is from Pakistani