9/12 reading minute

    9/12((amelia Earhart's googles photos fetch $31,000))

    googles were sold with a cracked lens for $17,775. the goggles were owned bye some one and sold at an auction. the march flight was one of two attempts earthart made that year to circumnavigate the globe. her plane disappeared in the pacific during the second attempt a few months later.

    9/13 spong bob

    they thing sponge bob is bad for young kid because it confuses them more than like dorra the explorer but it is a fun and not boring show.

    9/14 no more cigarettes for malaysian orangitan

    they need to stop throwing cigarets to the animals because they are growing the habit of smoking
    so officals were told to stop throwing cigarettes in the cages of the animals. smoking cigarettes are not normal for animal.